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Other Virtual Synths user reviews

  • Togu Audio Line Bassline [Freeware]

    Togu Audio Line Bassline [Freeware] - "Crash problems , but its minimal "


    Togu Audio Line Bassline is a freeware VST that can be downloaded and installed in no time. The only reason that I tried the Togu Bassline VST is because it was free and I was over at KVR looking for some new Bass VST’s so I gave this one a shot. It …

  • reFX Nexus 2

    reFX Nexus 2 - BeyondR's review


    Nexus 2 is of the new ROMpler on the market that is a completely revolution regarding sounds and quality. It has plenty of hq sounds provided with the nexus itself. You can really jamm into something professional by tweaking the menu, the general…

  • reFX Nexus 2

    reFX Nexus 2 - " the best virtual instrument"


    installation without problems, general configuration was easy, no incompatibilities, user manual a bit thin.... SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE imac osx snow leopard,i5, 4 gb ram, digi 003 sound card, works perfectly fine with this configuration, stable ha…

  • NorthernBeat Daedalus [Freeware]

    NorthernBeat Daedalus [Freeware] - "Cool Freeware Synth"


    NorthernBeat's Deadalus is a polyphonic VA(virtual analog) synthesizer. The synth features two oscillators, two filters that you can route to essentially whatever you want. There's also ring modulation, oscillator sync, chorus, delay, and an arpeggia…

  • Maik Menz TranceDrive

    Maik Menz TranceDrive - "A Cool and Well Rounded Free Synth"


    Maik Menz's Trance Drive is a windows only VSTi plugin instrument. It is a subtractive synthesizer aimed at Trance and other electronic dance music. It features 3 main oscillators, each main oscillator supports 6 waveforms: sine, saw, triangle, pulse…

  • Majken Chimera [Freeware]

    Majken Chimera [Freeware] - "Awesome Free Synth"


    Majken's Chimera is a synthesizer that bases all it's sounds on noise. Everything coming from Chimera is based on white noise filtered into notes using different filters. I love this synth because it utilizes a unique synthesis method, and it's free!…

  • Spectrasonics Atmosphere

    Spectrasonics Atmosphere - "a little overpriced"


    Atmosphere is a virtual synth that is pretty good and very easy to use and to install. The only problem that I see with it was the price. I feel like it was overpriced (at the time) but the price may have come down some since. But when it first came …

  • Tone2 Gladiator 2

    Tone2 Gladiator 2 - "spacey "


    Gladiator is a pretty cool plug in that comes with a lot of sounds and presets that you an use and manipulate to sound different each time that you use them. Setting it up was really easy and takes no effort at all the use or to really understand. Bu…

  • Korg Legacy Collection - Digital Edition

    Korg Legacy Collection - Digital Edition - "Korg Legacy is a great package"


    The Korg Legacy Collection was easy to install, it did take a while for it to install though. I figure its because it’s a bigger program than most of the other ones that I have installed recently. But after it finally got finished I was able to start…

  • reFX Vanguard

    reFX Vanguard - "worth the money"


    The reFX Vanguard was a virtual synth that I have been hearing a lot of people talk about and say it was great. So I decided to get it, I am glad that I did. I think it could still use some tweaks and the developers could have created some better pre…