Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 Pro
MGR/mtebaldi 11/28/2010

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 Pro : MGR/mtebaldi's user review

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Native Instruments' Guitar Rig is just an incredible product. On its fourth version, things couldn’t be different. I was introduced to Guitar Rig 3 a couple years ago and I was blown away by its super quality of legendary guitar amps and effects simulation. The beauty of this product really is found on how good and professional any guitar you plug in will sound.

I’ve been quite lucky lately and I got a free copy of Guitar Rig 4 from Native Instruments. The full version retails for $225 but I would strongly recommend to purchase Komplete 7 which not only includes Guitar Rig 4 as also a series of really awesome virtual instruments.

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A few of the new features in Guitar Rig 4 make it an even better product. The Control Room feature lets you quickly mix your guitar signal through an array of different positioned mics on your chosen amp, giving you the power to craft an original guitar sound even before adding any effects to it. Guitar Rig 4 comes now with a Limit button that guarantees your signal will not peak. Very useful if you love to keep adding more and more to the chain. Besides featuring 3 new built-in amps, my favorite one is Rammfire, which is sold separately, but it is included on Komplete 7. It’s a really awesome amp for modern and heavy guitar sounds. If you are a Richard Z. Kruspe fan you will enjoy it even more. The gigantic list of effects found on Guitar Rig 4 will cover all your guitar needs and even more. Exclusive components found under Modifiers, Sound FX and Tools, will let you craft sounds never before imagined.

It’s hard to find a flaw on this amazing product.

Made by Native Instruments, Guitar Rig 4 has a clean and easy to use interface that comes with great features. Also it won’t consume much of your RAM.

Guitar Rig 4 is a powerful tool for music production. The results you can get with it are astonishing. It is definitely a worthy investment for your studio and computer.

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