Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 Pro
guigue106 07/09/2012

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 Pro : guigue106's user review

«  Never without my RIG *** *** »

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Installation: ben installed as any soft n ....
configuration: must observe and understand .....
incompatibility? not even in 64bits ca rolls attention the buffer size in stand alone (just the 512 mouline must constantly think about the return to 256 that is'm top!)
Manual? : Trash


config gamer RAS


Here's the good heart of the matter.

- I have four rigs since March
- I tried ReValver mk3 I loved the 5150's that drove me crazy ^ ^ but not work in host j riffwork therefore have beneficial (and for another reason: Always let the presets and reload ca m ' swelled and finally blows hard ca :/)

- The most:
For my part I use it with a Zoom 8080 for net-edged sounds typical of the 90 as I like and it works super hard (to play the progressive).

j alternates with a boss MT2 for saturations and extreme "BURNING" a bit like dream theater (the last solo album james labri). I used more than 4 rig as a wardrobe rack multi effect was indeed the "twin delay" and "psycho delay" to set mms close together it gives very strong feelings, we almost take for Himself petrucci :) .

The chorus and reverb are very good for the clean channel, tried to aggregate.

sheling eq (hole in middle) with the custom eq, nan really as long as you have chosen the control room in 4 * 12 british warm, or matched the box 2 * 12 is enough to explode gratify a plaster wall ^ ^ with a 2 mt in input of the soundcard!!

simulation and multi hand side effect is frankly what this crammed rather than Racké (without making a pun) miles and cents.

- The least:
the distortion sounds are pourrave and a plastic block, that is seriously abused, YJN am saying the distortion of the petrucci solo Glasgow kiss my butt wai, the distortion is too c ca not at all a far cry from a triaxxis has € 2,000, ca we could have guessed.

ultimately, to get maximum benefit, so your back or your disto Mfx work and take the time to tinker, to seek, build, test, and refine its settings (for my prt I spend 2 to 3 hours for me its ONE) c is long but I am still filled with the result thanks to this superb soft very well designed in this context.

buttons has turned c is very painful when you want a precise value (420 ms dly, this is a great capacity to remain calm) mk3 simply input the value to have it, too bad ....

9 for these damn buttons * and * biiiip that stand alone "stuck" on a buffer 512 (rhaaaaa)

notice to the fans .....