Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 Pro
jofal62 07/18/2011

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 Pro : jofal62's user review

«  indispensable! »

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trouble-free installation, stand alone, with a link to behringer guitar.
IT CAN BE USED very easy, well-made presets, presets other easily found on the net.


WINDOWS XP SP3 - 8 year old bike and the software works perfectly, I have two pregnant BEHRINGER MS16, I have no problem. I have sometimes some bugs on some presets.


PEAVEY ReValver I tried, I did not like at all, and Amplitube idem, I prefer 100 times guitar rig, I love the loop station, the capture with backstracks, reducing the tempo , effects, amps, everything is perfect.