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Thread Reason 3 Problems

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1 Reason 3 Problems
I just got reason not to fimiliar but Im getting the hang of it although I am have a problem. I keep getting a message the says "Media Problem" "this Operation could not be completed because of a media related problem"
Please Help

I got a song going and its getting tight but I cant save it because of this message and it sucks because if I close it out Ill lose everything...
Boss man whats up, There could be several issues with that topic. 1. Try re-loading the software 2. You might need more ram for your computor. 3. Certain sound device options can be set to mono depending on your sound card bit depth(sound card bit depth 16 or 24) 16 bit sound cards have more problems with reason than 24 bit. Otherwise go onto propellarhead.com and search in help topics.
Hi all i have been using reason 3 and cubase sx 3 on PC (Audiology 2 externail soundcard powerfull specs..) for a while now and have never had any problems..
HOWEVER reciently like a week ago i have not been able to run reason in re-wire mode with cubase,, reason eather wont open OR if it does there is no sync with the transport bar i.e if im in cubase window and press play it plays however if im in the reason window and press play .. nothing and this aplys to almost every function in reason. its as if cubase is running as a master program where it is the only way of controling the song??

i thought it may have somthign to do with the large number of plugins and instruments i use but ive always used them....
its just so strange that it stoped working like this???

anyway i have reverted back to cubase sx 1 and its working again howver i have lost all songs in sx 3 PLEASE HELP!!!!
Hi, I dont have any answers but I do have some problems with the same programs.

Reason 3: for some reason thats quite beyond me, reason has decided to shift the notes i play on my usb keyboard over one semitone so that c is a c sharp b is a c, and so on. I have tryed reinstalling the drivers for the keyboard and redoing the settings for it in reason a couple of different ways to no avail.

cubase sx3: My computer is receiving the signal from my mixer and putting it out through the speakers but cubase wont recognize the signal. I have updated the audio drivers and played around with the settings in cubase along with turning the monitor button on and off. But still nothing. I have an older soundblaster live 5.1 if that helps at all.