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iamqman 07/06/2011

Line 6 POD 2 : iamqman's user review


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One of the best products that Line 6 has ever produced. These little units sound amazing and have a great array of variance of possible operations. You can run amp models and cab models as well as an assortment of modulations, delays, and others effects.

One very cool features is the ability to run 9 effects at the same time. This gives the user basically and endless supply of possible tonal variations.


32 Amp Models
15 Cabinet models
16 Digital Effects
36 Factory/ User Presets
1/4 inch TRS Headphone and Direct Out
ToneTransfer compatible for seamless transfer of sound with any other Flextone II, POD, or POD Pro, or with Line 6's on-line library of sounds
Headphone out
MIDI I/O plus free software editor/librarian
Chromatic tuner
Floorboard and FB4 compatible
Power supply included


A/D Res. 24 bit
Analog Inputs 1/4in TS
Analog Outputs 1/4in TRS L&R, headphones
D/A Res. 24 bit
Max. Delay 1000 ms
Simultaneous Effects 9


This little box is great for recording but live play is is another story. If you simply use the effects for live use ten it is a decent tone, but j=using the amp models in a real amp situation is pretty pointless to me.

When recording this little thing is a great tool. Will it sound exactly like a real tube amp pushing a speaker but it will get pretty close to the original sound.

Doesn't really matter what guitar you use with this product because it will sound decent. You will not get that feel of the notes and the dynamics of really playing a tube amp because this is just simply simulating what you would play not wise. There is no feeling at all in the notes.


I think Line 6 is one of the best if not the best companies out there who provide solid effect units for the all-in-one consumer who wants to keep things simple and clean. I would play this unit any day of the week. I don't use too much effects so something like this is perfect for me and it is perfect for home use!

At new you can pick these units up for aright around 4200. Not a bad price for this compact processor. I like the idea of using this silently for playing at home or in an office where noise may be an issue.