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Audiofanzine FR 12/16/2010

Line 6 POD 2 : Audiofanzine FR's user review

« Waouhh! »

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Originally written by laulalau on Audiofanzine FR.

Everything has been said already!


Everything has been said already!
In my opinion, it's rather easy to use.


Now, let's talk seriously ^^.

I already knew Line6 simulations before buying the Pod because I used (and I still use) a Toneport UX1 that I like a lot.
I also knew Vox simulations (I owned several amps from the Valvetronix range). I always preferred the Line 6 sound (although some users say it's cold and digital, but it's all a matter of settings).

Enough quality effects.

I use only four amp simulations: BRIT CLASSIC (Vox AC30), BRIT HI GAIN (Marshall JCM 800), TREADPLATE (Mesa Boogie Rectifier) and MODERN HI GAIN (Soldano).
I find these four simulations are AMAZING!!!
Other simulations are not so good but it's no big deal because I need only these four simulations. They allow me to play anything I want.

I use the Pod with an Epiphone Les paul Slash Signature, a Fender Telecaster John 5 and a Telecaster Baja.
The Pod faithfully reproduces the sound personality of each guitar (but not as good as a real amp).

When I bought it, I used to play with a pair of headphones because I didn't like the sound with my amp (Blackstar HT5). The tubes colored the sound and the result was really awful.
But with headphones, the sound was wonderful... So I sold my amp and bought a power amp conceived for what I do (Tech 21 Power Engine 60).
It allows me to get the best out of the Pod (this amp is linear and faithfully reproduces the simulations without coloring the sound).

With this amp, I can enjoy the sound quality of the Pod: the sound is just amazing!


I've been using it for about one month... I never had such a sound at home and I know that my sound never was as good as it is now.

I like the Pod 2.0 because it's easy to use, intuitive and provides almost endless sound possibilities.
In my opinion, the Pod offers enough simulations and possibilities. That's the reason why I prefer it to the Pod XT or X3.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again! Especially considering that it's always cheaper ;)