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loicat 05/21/2006

Line 6 POD 2 : loicat's user review


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In short:
36 amp models including: Vox, Mesa Boogie, Fender, marshall, line6, roland ....

16 effects including: tremolo, chorus, delay, flanger ...

16 cabinet models including: 1952 Fender Tweed Deluxe, the 1960 Vox AC-15, the 1978 Marshall with Vintage 30s ...

AIR system: "Integration of acoustic properties of the recording" in two modes:
1) DIRECT -> recording studio. (Use on my PC with SONAR and sound card EDIROL UA-25)
2) AMP -> connection to guitar amp (stage)

8 knobs: output level, drive, bass, middle, treble, vol chan, reverb, effect tweak

1 headphone jack

1 input jack

1 output jack left and a right

Connecting a pedal line6

One exit and one entry into MIDI

A switch "power" (on / off)

A button "tuner" (Tuner)

A button "noise gate" (-> noise reduction)

A button "TAP" (set the tempo)

A button "save" to be totally free to create

and memory: 4 channel (A, B, C, D) with nine bank (from 1 to 9)

+ Other settings: presence, delay feedback, drive boost, speed effects, etc ... with the TAP button

for details: ->


The POD2 is easy to use but takes time to manage it well because even now I do is only 60% of these possibilities ...

editing is very simple: choice of amp + effect and possible modification of bass, middle, treble, reverb, etc ... and press the "save" 2 times ... very simple

Obtimale for use, I suggest you read the manual (it's boring but very useful) if you did not go to:
instructions and select the POD 2.
note: you must register on the site

CAUTION: Do not connect when using headphones on an amp (AMP mode) because the system acts on the AIR headphone and not the amp


In Personal, j'utile bcp on:
clean, layer, tweed blues, Insam -> it's the right sound, clean.
About distorted sounds, I create my sounds like ac / dc, scorpion ... and this makes good.
everyone can find happiness ...

If you have a friend with a POD, you can download a sound to him, to put it on your own.

course: POD 2 is for use main "studio" but very well filled office of "scene".

Me, I like its sound quality and I'm happy because I think the POD sounds still ≠

must also be realistic, if you want a pure sound sick, choose the items separately
but for a novice user wanting to start in music while doing fun for not too much .... € go for it.


It is nearly two years since I buy Occasion to € 200 in a store 'but zik
this is really only 6 months I began to see his opportunity because you have to spend some to find and play the sounds that are fun.

it's a great device for a tool for combining music: live box, amp simulator and effects, all reasonably priced .... a 100% digital modeling ... you be the judge. ..

but I do it again no problem buying

to progress while having fun ...
I will soon buy the line6 floorboard of:
%% 2Cidproduit 2C11298.html
GLOBAL NOTICE: in its sector, it is very good and recommended ....