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tobias47 04/06/2006

Line 6 POD 2 : tobias47's user review


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That says it all!


O first it can be a little hassle to find the desired sound but with the manual in french ... is that the boheur!
the manual perfectly clear and very well explain even a touch of humor by momentary.


The sound quality is nothing to say that the sof clean sounds have a more volume than the ba distortion, so if you want a good clean looking for a crunch and put the drive to a minimum.
The sounds are super realistic, the fact its great!
I play with a 100 watt and one HH Cort M1200 I bard! by fo against the project have to buy a pedal noon!
me I was lucky to find a floorboard pa chèr docaz. fanchemen and the Pod without pedals is very boring.
on the other hand I tube amp and the sound is a little tropical color! So I suggest you take the pod with a neutral amp! EX: Tech 21 Power Engine 60

I suggest you connect the pod 2 from a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe! bouble the transparent effect!
and the tube amp gives potato for distortion! I advise you to try!


I use depui 6 months and I spend little men!
fo kan even remember that the Pod 2 valer over 330 euros!
considering the price is in momentary nothing to say! I had a 180 euros new.