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Edan91 02/09/2005

Line 6 POD XT : Edan91's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
- Multi effects modlisations.
- MODEL 32 damplificateurs.
- MODEL 22 DSurround.
- MODEL 4 microphones.
- 49 MODELS deffets of pedals and studio.
- Optional routing.
- 64 memory.
- Compressor and Noise Gate studio.
- Stompbox: Fuzz, Overdrive, Distortion, Autoswell, autowah, etc.
- Modulation: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Leslie Effect, etc.
- Dlais: Analog, Tape, Multi heads, Sweep Echo, Invers Ping Pong, etc.
- Rverbe: Spring, Room, Hall, Chamber, Plate, Cavern
- 1/4in outputs +4 dBu / -10 dBu.
- Converters 32-bit A / D and D / A.
- RJ-45 for pdalier.
- USB connector for I / O numriques.
- Headphone output.
- Chromatic tuner incorporated.
- Full MIDI Support.



Connection very simple! You plug the guitar (or any other sound sources) and connects his dcoute Systm (sono in preferences). Trs Use intuitive, you sail without much problem in DIFFERENT the menus. Careers News denfant made easy with the GuitarPort software: It CONTRL PC via the XT with a damn good interface and trs clear, all are possible rglages Submitted in same window be. And all this nothing quen connecting to the PC XT with a USB cable (included): POD can then be used as a sound card (ASIO driver) for senregistrer nimporte on what squenceur software! ! The updates with the XT is a free software that search on the site of LINE 6 and informs us about the drivers that lon has the latest version available, etc.

In thor, cest pretty much everything but just visit the forum to see quune package deal with the problem of post XT: big problem of latency, updates borked or impossible , GuitarPort rcalcitrant, not recognized by the PC XT, etc.

Personally, I dont have any problem with my POD while cest trs trs fine as it is for firmware updates, The installation of the various drivers or The installation of packs.

Large black dot in the POD (or stroke of marketing LINE 6), for use live, invest in one of pdalier CONTRL, as the best 320 Shortboard ... It's a bit expensive for what it is, but it is compulsory for every game "live" (there is an alternative else pdalier LINE 6 but I havent tried)

9 / 10 because of mandatory dun pdalier Lachat, otherwise it would MRIT October 1 because I never had a problem nai OF USE with the POD.


(Test with Ibanez IC-300 team in DiMarzio + Peavey Triple XXX or sound add-on packs + POD XT)

You have to see this machine as a simulator with dampli Intgr effects. Not hear the strength of the XT is the quality of the simulations, while the effect is somewhat less convincing. Then, whether modlisations (amp, effects, mic, speaker or other) Fidler are the originals, they sen fout! It sounds wonderful and all that cest Quon asked!

The pRSET are good but do not do justice to the XT because everyone has a system that damplification diffrent: some connection with sound, else in entredun combo, which (despite DIFFERENT the output format of the XT) gives his best ALTR, cest to be able to test his stuff and for several tens of minutes to identify what it is capable of.

Before I plugged in between guitar combo, but when I tried to menregistrer live sound t compltement DIFFERENT! I only the User Submitted records (via USB to PC) and in this configuration cest quil dbrouille is the best!

The three packs for about LINE 6 (V.2 firmware required) are relatively well, even if the FX JUNKY Relva more gadget quautre thing. CLASSIC AMP pack is nice, there are damn good for modlisations damplis of legends. The METAL PACK is, I think most of the three INTERESTED: from good modlisations trs, trs Fidler Daprai some users and it catches up with the shortcomings of amps m tal Submitted lorigine the XT.

9 / 10 because modlisation nalready not perfect (I think) but when the XT dlivre same great sound.


I ending for the User from 2 years and t he branch of diffrent Manir: between combo amp from power, a sound system and the config seems to me that the best Careers News for him is in the home studio. Warning! I do not say quil does nothing in the other config, but only the best of it dlivre itself in a live sound system. Since ending for a year I only the User Registration, jen draws good rsultats trs.

When I bought this era lai, jen has had the 860 with a bit expensive pdalier it's true, but it's profitability by the fact of free updates, and c when same is a great tool!

9 / 10 because I can not put 9.5/10.