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Guitaristic 01/06/2004

Line 6 POD XT : Guitaristic's user review


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True, for CHARACTERISTICS better go home Line6 ...


The use is generally pretty simple I think.

I will cit that the points that I think ngatifs because everything else is pretty plustt:

- Missing the Possibility of affecting what you want as an external switch for the expression pedal (a is the set off of any effect of a value for SPECIFICATIONS anything (as silent as possible with my GT3 ...))
- Not enough memory available for use as I did, there would have to double! But on the other cot is so easy to make backups of the computer with!


Then l: for me is the strong point, if a lil thing that makes a sound like that, cgnial, you plug in a ring full of DIFFERENT styles, for all I did it ' is great, I did a bit of Mao and it's great! And scne (because I find my returns as gniaux), c frankly nickel!
But no more j'n'utilise preset home because they do not interest me, I get what I want modeled as her, is really what interests me.


To put the thing, I spend a Boss GT3 comboFender on a line6 pod of amplified speakers.

My config scne today:
Scratches elec -> PODXT
Scratching sound -> GT3 (using acoustic and control Pramp PODXT)
PODXT GT3 + -> Returns Contact CX (amplified speakers) -> PA

It's a little gas plant but it works well trs,
Report quality price I think it is not misplaced but the accessories!
I'm happy with my choice.