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lustror 09/03/2004

Vox Tonelab : lustror's user review


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Features attractive at first sight, at first listen but also sorry to rock the house with all the posts positive reviews ... but ca not break bricks that gear
the lamp heats up a lil bit c is true
pretty blue right?


The use is simple c is true
knob like "chicken knob" for tube amp
Manual nice and clear
handling high-speed


Ben is the only c ca fishing
APRS frankly the first days of ecstasy ... I find trs-term average sound
psdeudo the heat of the lamp output s avere a frosty morning in the land of Eskimo
the sound is typ .. trs trs simulation so cold
However, for some interesting sounds s approach of any guitarist
but the overall disappointing trs, a branch of a fender hot rod or lamps on a tascam usb sound card on PC (my guitar: a mexico tl) ca I do not mystified


I have the utils six months and I have the Largu fast (taken in a mesa f30 ...)
j used it before a boss me 33 and I think modeling is n not my cup of thbr /> the ToneLab is an interesting choice if n is not discarded by the coldness of her and if we find a good price (ToneLab SE having arrived)
all this will not replace a good tube amp, the guitar live with 2 / 3 good pedals so if c was a remake ... ever