Recorders/Multitracks user reviews

  • Fostex MR-8

    Fostex MR-8 - "Fostex MR-8"


    I purchased my mr-8 at a houston guitar center for $230 used after a lot of loking around for the best price. I needed good quality, cheap recording gear for my demo fast, and the mr-8 seemed to deliever in all of the reviews i read on it. I absolut…

  • Korg D-1600

    Korg D-1600 - "Korg D1600"


    I am song writer and like to perform my own songs.And I wanted my music to be available anytime. You know painters can show there paintings while musicians must play them ( they can not do that everytime). So I decided to purchase a gear that can hel…

  • Fostex VF80

    Fostex VF80 - "Fostex VF-80"


    Purchased through Musician's Friend for home studio use. Price paid: $699.99 US Ease of use. Durability. Only one FX buss. No compression on tracking. The built-in mic pre-amp bites. Only 6 tracks for tracking. One two tracks can be record…

  • Zoom MRS-4



    I acquired this unit one year and a half ago in a music store in Mexico city, where I live. It was new, and as I can remember, I paid around $290 dolars for it. The reason to buy the MRS-4 was that by that time I was recording my music in an Onkyo mi…

  • Zoom MRS-1044CD

    Zoom MRS-1044CD - "Zoom 1044CD"


    I purchased this unit on an online auction. With shipping it came to $628.00. I use it to record my own music, and to use as a back up for my guitar. I play at nursing homes for free, and I am limited to funds, and this was absolutely perfect. I …

  • Roland CDX-1

    Roland CDX-1 - "Roland CDX-1 Disk Lab"


    I paid 600 dollars on ebay for the unit. I bought it because it is an all in one machine that I could afford. the effects are great- large variety with quality sound it is an easy machine to use the sound quality is very exceptable it is very se…

  • Fostex MR-8

    Fostex MR-8 - "Fostex MR-8"


    I bought the MR-8 from Musicians friend in a package deal that included headphones, a mic and cable, and gig bag for 350$. This unit is great for rough mixes. It is compact and very user friendly. Its easy …

  • Boss BR-8 Digital Recording Studio

    Boss BR-8 Digital Recording Studio - "Boss BR-8 Digital Recorder"


    Purchase this unit from Musicians Supply on line. For a quick and basic song writing tool. The unit is easy to quickly setup and record. The guitar interface is simple and the recording controls are familiar like a casette recorder. Does not have e…

  • Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio

    Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio - "Boss BR-864"


    I bought this unit on ebay for $385 U. S. and $15 shipping This is the first recorder I have ever had. I was able to record and play back within a few hours using the COSM guitar effects and umlti channels. I connected to the game port of my Philli…

  • Korg D-1600 MKII

    Korg D-1600 MKII - "Korg D-1600 MKII"


    See: DAIRYBEAT, for my previous review. See: DAIRYBEAT, for my previous review. When the Punch-In/Out recording mode has been used, it leaves on the In/Out times a clicking noise. When the overall music balance is loud, it's not noticeable, but whe…