Recorders/Multitracks user reviews

  • Boss BR-8 Digital Recording Studio

    Boss BR-8 Digital Recording Studio - "Boss BR-8 Digital Recorder"


    Paid approximately $499 Bought it from Pro Music & Sound in Newport News, Va. Needed a recording to make demos of my songs. I am a songwriter that has had a #1 song on a major chart. It is extremely easy to use and effective. I track on my K…

  • Tascam Pocket Studio 5

    Tascam Pocket Studio 5 - "Tascam Pocket Studio 5"


    I was looking for a "beginners" digital recorder at a relatively low price. As a songwriter, I do basic home demos, nothing very complicated, and I wanted something I could record on quickly but with a reasonable amount of quality. I did some researc…

  • Fostex X-12

    Fostex X-12 - "Fostex X-12"


    I got this unit for $149 some time ago from Musician's Friend. I was looking for an economical 4-track that was simple to use, but with a brand name I could trust. The unit is very convenient. It's small enough to fit in your guitar case, but has …

  • Zoom MRS-1266

    Zoom MRS-1266 - "Zoom MRS-1266"


    Purchased online for around $750 without the CD burner. Plus another $50 on ebay for a non-zoom cd burner that DOES work. I liked saving money on a compatible CD burner. Just about everything has a dedicated button. Very little menu surfing to do …

  • Tascam 22-4

    Tascam 22-4 - "Tascam 224"


    bought it from american music about $300.00 looked good in the picture,was to replace a tascam 414,i wouldnt trade my 414 even for it had it a week couldnt do anything with it except lock my computer up,they took it back just got the boss 532,thats w…

  • Roland VS-840

    Roland VS-840 - "Roland VS-840 Digital 8 Track Recorder"


    I purchased this VS 840 at Sam Ash in Columbus, Ohio in very early 1999 for around $850-$900. I was upgrading from a Tascam 4 TRACK 242MKIII MTR. I think the sound quality is very good, although alot of that depends on how good you record, and mixd…

  • Tascam Portastudio 414 MkII

    Tascam Portastudio 414 MkII - "Tascam Model 414 Portastudio MKII"


    I purchased the 414 mkII portastudio with cash at Wrays house of music in Lemoyne Pa. to record my personal guitar music and graduate to burning CD's on my newly procured computer. Purchase price I believe was $249. I enjoy this unit thoroughly beca…

  • Fostex VF16

    Fostex VF16 - "Fostex VF-16"


    I purchased this item from Mars Music For $799.99. I'd beel looking to move into the digital realm for quite some time and when the motor in my four-track refused to play at the same speed two takes in a row I had the excuse i needed to jump into th…

  • Boss BR-532 Digital Studio

    Boss BR-532 Digital Studio - "Boss br-532"


    $667 cdn + the outlet for power--read many good reviews for the product and met my musical budget/needs. - bass simulator - price - copy/paste functions - size does not come with power cord. great! bottom line....this unit is great for the b…

  • Boss BR-8 Digital Recording Studio

    Boss BR-8 Digital Recording Studio - "Boss BR-8 Digital Recorder"


    I bout the br-8 at guitar city for a good price, $450.00, and i got two free guitar stands I chose the br-8 because it was the best buy, i learned this from about 6 months of Looking around I really like the br-8, it is a vary good buy for a 1 or 2 …