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  • Alesis MicroVerb

    Alesis MicroVerb - " some interest"


    digital reverb, the first access to fans in 1986, practical format 1/3 rack; 5 small, 7 wide, delusional and a reverse mode and 2 single gates. no editing, 4 knobs on the front panel manually Japanese 12-bit quality Only the jack true …

  • Boss RRV-10 Digital Reverb

    Boss RRV-10 Digital Reverb - " the character"


    Japanese 12-bit technology 1/3 rack, the rest of the series is generally of good quality (construction and sound quality) pseudo-stereo UTILIZATION Purchased early for an amp without reverb, nice but nothing more, given the sound I'm looking …

  • Boss RX-100 Reverb Box

    Boss RX-100 Reverb Box - " to have"


    Spring reverb, 2 positions for audio, input / output and rca jack, standard, stereo option. UTILIZATION simple SOUND QUALITY reverb hot, perfect for any source, its vintage. I use it on all my instruments that either vsti, bass, guitar or p…

  • Tapco 4400

    Tapco 4400 - " Vintage ... but effective!"


    The Tapco 4400 is a spring reverb dating it seems the 80s: two separate channels and équalisables (4 bands), rack, connectivity in jacks. UTILIZATION Config very simple: we go, adjusting the input level is equalized and adjusts the output level! …

  • TC Electronic Reverb 4000

    TC Electronic Reverb 4000 - "A fresh and invigorating wind blowing in the remote wilds of Scandinavia .."


    On the rear panel there are logically everything you need to connect this to R 4000, analog inputs and outputs on XLR symmetrical active. and what is digital, this machine offers a very complete device: Input / output to ADAT Toskink switchable S / P…

  • TC Electronic M3000

    TC Electronic M3000 - "A M 3000 and me and me and me .."


    Reverb unit offers also a lot of additional effects such as: A Pitch Shifter 6 votes a chorus / flanger a Flanger / Tremolo flanger / expander dynamics can also play Gates a parametric equalizer also playing shelving A compressor (very si…

  • Alesis MidiVerb

    Alesis MidiVerb - " eighties style"


    Digital reverb (room, hall, gate, reverse) rca connectors + / - buttons to change presets knob mix wet / dry UTILIZATION too simple SOUND QUALITY sounds interesting for special effects (I only use the presets gate and reverse), type sna…

  • Alesis MidiVerb

    Alesis MidiVerb - " very nice"


    numériquede reverb unit. controllable but not editable by noon. It has become a vintage effect. UTILIZATION Very simple and practical SOUND QUALITY effective OVERALL OPINION 20 years. …

  • Alesis MidiVerb

    Alesis MidiVerb - " good little digital rev small budjet "in OCASE!""


    That the reverb! No editing. non rackable Digital Reverb Audio. 2 in (G & D) rca 2 out (G & D) rca midi in & out Many présets.mais one pre or post EQ + comp will be welcome. Allimentation by extern transformer. UTILIZATION Confi…

  • Yamaha REV500

    Yamaha REV500 - " Good reverb though obsolete"


    See feature on previous post UTILIZATION Including the management of the south. In / / with a numerical table, a computer or even a footswitch (I préprogrammais my reverb preset between my time and when I followed my groups to change banks used…