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  • Yamaha PRO R3

    Yamaha PRO R3 - "Legally forgotten .."


    Reverb unit in the 2 units remembering these two ancestors, REV and REV 5 7. Is between either XLR or by Jacks 6.35 mm, in both cases in symmetry active. The choice of working level is -10 dB or +4 .. Note the absence unforgivable / O AES / EBU or SP…

  • Yamaha R1000

    Yamaha R1000 - D-Djoul's review


    12bit digital reverb - 4 reverb lengths available - Imput level - 3-band EQ parametric - Direct / reverb mixing - Output level UTILIZATION you branches, you turn, you rules, you play .. very simple and intuitive SOUND QUALITY super…

  • TC Electronic M3000

    TC Electronic M3000 - l'electron libre's review


    Characteristic 1, types of effects available ... Above all, the M3000 is a reverb and we feel that the engineers have focused on this part as the presets and settings available are numerous! At the "big" part is added some effects of very good…

  • TC Electronic System 6000

    TC Electronic System 6000 - " Name zeus!"


    Reverb, delay, chorus, pan WIDER, eq, comp ... everything is editable in all directions with either the remote or with the computer SUBD25 aes connection and if there are more cards ada it's xlr UTILIZATION configure the machine could not be …

  • Lexicon PCM96

    Lexicon PCM96 - " It is dated, but it's cool"


    Not bad all, I used to long reverbs and delay. It is rack mountable. USE What bothers me a bit is that it's more of an effect preset bank rather than a multi-effect that handles well. You still even pitonner lot to configure these own stuff. …

  • Yamaha REV500

    Yamaha REV500 - " Simple and terribly endearing!"


    Offering factory reverb 100 memory called "Preset" and 100 user memories called them "User", divided into four banks: Hall, Room, Plate and Special of 25 memories. The effects are completely stereo, and thus meet the development in space of the signa…

  • Behringer V-VERB PRO REV2496

    Behringer V-VERB PRO REV2496 - " Bof"


    Mainly Reverb, other effects are anecdotal. UTILIZATION use very simple, this reverb level was well thought ergonomics making me think of the little Yamaha REV500. SOUND QUALITY Few see no breath in output. It's a good point. For against the …

  • Alesis MicroVerb

    Alesis MicroVerb - toche13's review


    several types of reverb sound available with a simple button to turn UTILIZATION ery configuration is simple SOUND QUALITY personally, t, I always found the effects quite a bit contrived and motens OVERALL OPINION I use it for 20 years, b…

  • Alesis QuadraVerb II

    Alesis QuadraVerb II - " enormous opportunities"


    Analog / ADAT (2 channels) / worldclock / midi / Switch UTILIZATION I use it on the guitar / vocals / keyboard mix or before registration. SOUND QUALITY To be honest, there are better quality aillor level of reverb / delay / mod but I do not …

  • Alesis NanoVerb

    Alesis NanoVerb - Guillaume1979's review


    - Multi-effect digital entry level with pay 18bits. - Many effects but we particularly note the reverbs. - Little choice in editions the wet / dry mix knob and an effect setting (reverb for the length, the repetition time for the echo, the rotati…