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  • Lexicon 224XL

    Lexicon 224XL - " "THE" reverb!"


    "THE" big Lexicon, with 4 units high, with his big fan and its 9 internal cards, it's a big beast, the most successful product in terms of reverberation in the early 80's, there are lobby the room (opposite room) of flat, kind of effects (delay, chor…

  • Boss RX-100 Reverb Box

    Boss RX-100 Reverb Box - fifdub's review


    reverb. model non-rackable. Good vintage analog. RCA connectors behind, connector jack in front. UTILIZATION super simple. The manual is not necessary. The buttons are huge, even manipulated with mittens. SOUND QUALITY I use this o…

  • TC Electronic System 6000 MKII

    TC Electronic System 6000 MKII - " Huge"


    I am mastering version. This is a big month I use it, so I'll stay aseez evasive on this view. I will publish another notice in a few months. But already, I can say that when the sound goes in, it is no longer the same. UTILIZATION Well, we are i…

  • Bricasti Design M7

    Bricasti Design M7 - " Try to adopt it"


    The M7 is today one of the best rverb the terms of audio performance. This is a relatively expensive, so I hope rverb test before buying. I found the socity Digital Media Solutions in the 77 available that can put an M7 and M10 of prt. Followin…

  • Alesis QuadraVerb GT

    Alesis QuadraVerb GT - " Good multi-effects, distortion type"


    He yaa little prs all the effects that the standard can be found on a multi-effects: chorus, flanger, phaser, rotary, reverb, delay, ping-pong, etc.. There is a qualisation plutt flexible and efficient (I got) and an effect of rsonateur ring. Every…

  • Dynacord DRP-15

    Dynacord DRP-15 - " Not bad"


    The standard has some exotic guitar tricks UTILIZATION 19 "rack, connectors and connection 6.35 Jack noon, bought used, tempted by the price of 47 euro without notice. Using fairly standard in this type of device, we found it easily. SOUND QU…

  • Ursa Major Stargate 323

    Ursa Major Stargate 323 - "I thought I had heard everything .."


    Digital reverb of her condition, as its name does not indicate the Stargate 323 has a bandwidth greater than 15 kHz, since its sampling frequency is 32 kHz on a rather special quantification of 15 bits. The inputs are either symmetric or asymmetric i…

  • TC Electronic Reverb 4000

    TC Electronic Reverb 4000 - " It's good stuff"


    The effects are mainly reverbs. But there are many types in presets. This is of course digital. Connectivity I / O analog audio and SPDIF. MIDI driver. USB port for control and editing via PC / MAC. I will not dwell longer because the manual is a…

  • TC Electronic Reverb 4000

    TC Electronic Reverb 4000 - " Great product"


    reverb UTILIZATION Very easy to use SOUND QUALITY The programs are great: VSS3, DVR2 OVERALL OPINION Super reverb, including the EMT program. Very different from a Lexicon or quantec ..... If you like this type of TC reverb, you can r…

  • Yamaha REV5

    Yamaha REV5 - blackle's review


    As for the REV 7 is primarily a reflection, however, as with its predecessor, the effects of different chorus, phaser and flanger, which were added the effects of Symphony (a kind of chorus deeper), but also the effects of tonal transpositions of two…