Akai Professional MPC4000

MPC4000, Sampling Sequencer from Akai Professional in the MPC series.

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Maxidingue 04/21/2003

Akai Professional MPC4000 : Maxidingue's user review


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I quite agree with Yamada Man (See his opinion)
2 MIDI Out 4 trs in right for a hardware sequencer
Audio in: is the right thing, even from an RIAA for those that want to sample a platinum against any input on the Digital BCAN base. A prs of 3000 euros is theft
Section sampling effectively, a board's Z8 in bttn
Huge advantage, gre Wav files and transfer PC -> MPC is transparent USB and Aksys (software supplied) drag DPOS mouse and that's OK.
Section Indeed, I am less entousiasme. Ps the big potato and reverb sound REALLY metal
The sequencer is very correct edition, and although the selection is based Freestyle Sift + left or right arrow. The mouse control via front panel USB between t have one more (but not the program of R & D Aakai)


The config gnrale is rather easy. The large LCD screen is a rel more from the MPC2000 for example. AIM would have a VGA output but good ........
The function is clear, no ton of sub sub sub menu and the little orange button "window" makes for great service
The manual is dcevant little didactic. Clearly we feel that it is designed for people for whom this is not the first BCAN


The converters are of quality but it sounds even AKAI (lack of heat) I do not use the 24/96 rather intensive food processor because you half the multitimbral sound enhancement for a (very) sensitive to my ears.
I still agree with Yamada Man, the pad is nice but too firm my taste. Full Level button renders services (Veloci background) but attention to the speakers.
I do not return on the effects (see section prcedant)


I bcanne the past 15 days. I had an MPC2000XL and I have an S5000 and an E-mu XL7.
I have long hesitated between a PC with sound card and the MPC4000. This dernire prevailed for many reasons (portability and transportabilit (!), No config headlock, rarely stable OS bugs).
I do not regret, I have too galer in the past with the sequencers software on PC. The switch on, it works.
The problem is the price and once again I agree with Yamada Man. It's really a scam. In searching for hours and hours I have found in England in 1600 or 2400 euros Turnkey + $ 34 shipping. Which should be added to the RAM (SIMM standart thankfully) and a CD player.
Dernire galre, I mount my same drive and RAM, distrust is rather complex and probably not at the door of all the world (not that I take to a specialist but I think be a handyman and honest experiment.
Rflechissez if you your in my case. Prs of 3000 euros is roughly the price of a PC and a sound card quality ....................