Samson Technologies C02
victormelamade 10/19/2008

Samson Technologies C02 : victormelamade's user review


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These mics are sold as a pair, so it is two mics for the price of one. Right off the bat, you are getting a great value. They come in a nice package which includes a case for them to keep them safe, and also a clip for each mic that is shock-mount isolated to help reduce any noise for the microphone. The microphone type is meant for studio recording but you could use it live, you just might get too much bleed in that situation. They are small diaphragm condenser mics. The capsule type is a cardioid pickup pattern so that means they are picking up what the tip is pointing at and the stuff to the sides and back keep out of the signal. That makes these really good if you are recording a whole band and you want to just focus on say the drum cymbals. If you move the band members apart from each other and put these pointing at the cymbals you won't have that much in the signal other than the drumset. That makes mixing way easier. They are XLR mics so you need to have a preamp and A/D converter for these.


These mics were the first stereo mics I got, and also the first small diaphragm pencil condenser mics. They are very cheap at less than $150 for the pair, and the goodies that come with them make the package a really great value. I thought they sounded amazing at first because I was new to condenser mics, but looking back on it now I think that they do sound a little brittle. So they do lose a little points for the sound quality, but it's definitely not bad and it's more clear than most dynamic mics and any computer mics. Overall they are a very good value though and I would recommend them to the novice on a budget.