X-EQ, Software parametric EQ from SSL.

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moosers 12/31/2009

SSL X-EQ : moosers's user review


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The SSL X-EQ is an equalizer plug-in consisting of 10 bands.  I wasn't involved with the installation process of the plug-in, as the system that I used it on already had it installed.  This plug-in runs with SSL's Duende DSP card and configuration.  However, the interface of the software is easy enough to figure out as it only took me a small amount of usage to fully grasp the plug-in.  Each of the ten bands can be controlled using the same parameters of gain, Q, and frequency.  It's also stereo metering for both input and output.  In addition to EQing, you've got the ability to analyze your signal, which is probably the best feature of the plug-in as it allows you to view and zero in on the adjustments you are making.  I've never seen a manual for the software so I can't say anything about how well put together it is or not.


The system I have used the SSL X-EQ plug-in on runs with Pro Tools HD, including a Digidesign 192 I/O interface and Apogee converters.  I'm not sure on the exact specs on the computer, but it is a Apple G5 with a good amount of power.  Since the plug-in runs with an external DSP card, those running this plug-in won't have issues running the plug-in no matter what system they are running it on.  I'm able to run X-EQ without any issues whatsoever within this configuration, as it has enough power to handle running multiple instances of the plug-in within a single session without a problem.  I can't speak to how well it would run on a Pro Tools LE system or something comparable, but if you have an HD system, like with most plug-ins you won't have any problems here.  This being said, I think it will run fine for anyone because of the Duende DSP external card.


Overall, SSL X-EQ is a very impressive plug-in in my opinion.  Not only is the EQ incredibly clean sounding, but being able to analyze your signal in real time is one of the most useful features I've seen on a plug-in.  It makes it so easy to see the exact frequencies that might need more or less and I find it makes it easier than ever.  While it isn't cheap to buy the Duende DSP card, for those looking for access to a top notch line of plug-ins that are some of the best of its kind, it is definitely worth looking into.