BBE Acoustimax
BBE Acoustimax
La gratte à tonton 10/27/2009

BBE Acoustimax : La gratte à tonton's user review


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Trs sturdy box with real knobs potentiomtre solid. Alim block of ac / dc, no battery or batteries alimsur least to tinker with an adapter ...
"Foot swith" easily accessible space. Tip top connector, XLR (DI), insert jack, jack for pedals, tuner jack etc. .. Although DI saw the release!
Led indications for the "maximizer" and focntion "mute"


Config trs simple to use and versatile. manual clear and almost pointless in the ease of use of the machine. As for the sound-I would say it's a great tool that really works deserves its 10/10 Acoustic Guitarist in the test appeared some time ago. By following the guitar and cons More precisely the type of prampli the guitar was one Acoustimax hyper hyper efficient and transparent or a "maximizer" noisy. For example when I plug in a Taylor 314ce well is the breath that appears in "maximizer" whereas with a Lag Tramontane is nickel (we will have expected the opposite given the price diffrence one over the other) as money to pay th price does not guarantee the forcment rsultat ... But we now know that the Taylor Expression System prampli ple figure is compared to the Studio Lag ...
Finally tjs is it that this is Acoustimax gnial my point of view.


Perfect for what I did. Just a quick BMOL on the use of the tuner: indeed active when the "mute" signal is then between East only to the output jack "tuner" and when we r Acoustimax the active one would expect that there is no signal to the "tuner" but there is still enough for a coat and my Korg tuner does not put it in standby Gnant unfortunately. With another accordeurbasique was no longer does. So be careful with sensitive tuners.


I have been using for over a year and I do not spare. I tried the home pramp Para DI LR Baggs has nothing to do but that it Submitted the advantage that they can be battery powered. but really I prfre the Acoustimax.
I am the fly that I Rasht one pronto.