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Studio monitors user reviews

  • Westlake BBSM-12

    Westlake BBSM-12 - "uhh... the price"


    The Westlake BBSM12 is a passive monitor that will provide you with a great crystal clear sound, this monitor has been out for quite some time and is still around in a few studio’s around here so I know for a fact that it is still in studios across t…

  • Dynaudio BM5A Compact

    Dynaudio BM5A Compact - " Good speakers"


    The sound and the price SOUNDS I find the sound pretty neutral, without too heavy lows nor mids, but you need to consider a distance of 3ft between the wall and the back of the speakers to have clean lows, due to the bass reflex port. They are not…

  • Dynaudio BM5A Compact

    Dynaudio BM5A Compact - "I'm very happy with them"


    After several years of reading articles on "Sound On Sound," DynAudio products often come up as reference products in the mid-to-high end market. The BM5A are always the spearhead among similar products. I wanted a couple of monitors to start my hom…

  • Yamaha HS80M

    Yamaha HS80M - "very clean sound"


    The Yamaha HS80M have been sitting on my workstation desk several times. I purchased these and then didn’t like them at first just because the sound didn’t “thump” enough for me. At first I was very disappointed in them especially after paying all th…

  • JBL LSR4328P



    I found these used on craigslist for such a deal, that i had planned on selling them for a profit. After setting them up in the studio, I realized that they weren't going anywhere. I was intruiged by the feature set, but I was most interested in …

  • Behringer Truth B2031A

    Behringer Truth B2031A - "solid sound"


    When using the Behringer Truth Series monitors they will give you a very clean sound. The low end of these monitors provide a very solid and full bass/low end. Not need to do a lot a re mixing with them either because how ever it sounds coming out of…

  • KRK E8

    KRK E8 - "great master sound"


    The KRK E8’s have been used in our studio for most of the final staged of the mastering. Most of our post production gets its final touches through the KRK e8’s. We usually don’t use them for the whole process, because we have so many different monit…

  • M-Audio BX8

    M-Audio BX8 - "big sounding monitors"


    The Adam M audio Studiophile Bx8’s are a set of professional studio monitors. They are near field monitors, which make them great for mixing. They have a crisp sound quality while still maintaining a full sound all across the frequency spectrum. They…

  • Yamaha MSP5

    Yamaha MSP5 - "great for mixing "


    The Yamaha MSP5 are a great set of studio monitors. They are compact and each packs a truly huge sound. Because of their small size and weight, they are easy to move and place within a room. They are extremely well built and are very sturdy - it woul…

  • KRK 7000B

    KRK 7000B - moosers's review


    The KRK 7000B’s are yet another low cost option for studio monitors from KRK. I’ve used a lot of KRK monitors in this price range and definitely think that the 7000B’s are up there with the best that they have to offer for the price. These are pass…