Access Music Virus TI2 Desktop
Access Music Virus TI2 Desktop

Virus TI2 Desktop, Analog Modeling Synth Rack/Sound Module from Access Music in the Virus TI series.

ericthegreat 11/01/2011

Access Music Virus TI2 Desktop : ericthegreat's user review

« Not happy with virus »

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It's disappointing to think that you would spend this much money on the Virus TI2 desktop and have it not meet your expectations but that is exactly what happened in this instance with me. I bought this synth to integrate in to my workflow using the Virus plugin. The problem is the Virus plugin is not very good . Apparently the folks at Access can't figure out the USB protocol, which is whole heartedly disappointing. Regardless of whether I am working in Ableton Live 8 or Logic 9 the plugin does not function properly.


set up was not easy at all! and no support from Virus!


Constant errors and issues crop up while using this plugin. I have contacted Virus support and worked through every recommendation yet still the Virus plugin doesn't function properly. Every time I sit down and try to work, this thing messes up. It works occasionally but not consistently and that just adds to the frustration. I have to constantly reboot when issues are encountered. Everything else, even USB audio interfaces work flawlessly. I don't even use a USB audio interface, I am using a Firewire Interface so there shouldn't be a problem, but there is. Some people with some configurations may not have a problem but I am using a new iMac as well as a new Macbook Pro and there are nothing but problems.


If you are looking to actually use the functionality of the Virus plugin then I can't recommend it. I know it sounds harsh but I feel I was ripped off. This is because it's affecting my creativity, which is the absolute worst thing that I can think of happening. I find myself often going back to soft synths so I don't have to deal with issues that crop up with the Virus plugin. I don’t recommend this for mac users, or even pc users for that matter. The virus ti2 let me down and I am not happy with it.