FP User 10/31/2008

Waldorf Micro Q : FP User's user review


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Lots of features for the money IMO, plenty of options in the synth engine but the FX could have been better, there are some midi syncing bugs with the LFO's and the delay FX but i can live with them

Price paid usd 800


Hmmm, The µQ is not the most intuitive synth out there IMO, it takes a while to know it, and there are lots of menus which can be confusing for some folks, I got sound diver to program it so I don't really care if it's difficult or not

So far mine is in perfect shape, but the knobs can get jumpy if you don't use them so twist them from time to time to make sure they work ok


A nice little synth with a very unique sound, more on the agressive side of things but it can also sound very smooth, some wonderful lush pads can be obtained with the Micro Q with some programming, the comb filters are great for dreamy sounds, the synth engine is also quite powerful, fast envelopes, lots of options, decent enuogh efx without any realtime modulation capabilities, it has a sound which you'll like or not, personally I dig it, but it's sometimes difficult to make it cut thru a dense mix, the sound is more hyped on the highs and lows so sometimes you have to eq it a bit to make it stand out


I like the µQ very much ... I don't think I'll sell mine, it's not perfect but it has that mojo, and now that waldorf is dead it's more of a collectors item for me

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Posted by: MusickMan (January 0-, 2005)