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Waldorf Micro Q
Waldorf Micro Q
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kaos2323 kaos2323
Publié le 12/17/06 à 15:32
View previous opinions! It features good audio inputs and outputs in sufficient numbers to be used as the main synth!


Good programming is not obvious especially in the beginning! The organization of the synth is clear and logical (as always with Waldorf!) But against the practice is much more complex the system of 'Matrix' assignment (the same as the Pulse of the same brand) is not obvious to manage given the number of parameters available for the synthesis ... That said for aficionados of the brand (including myself!) Is finally not such a big problem that a. .. After several weeks of frustration is starting to figure it out rather easily even if certain features are sometimes well hidden!

As against a debutant at risk of more complicated especially since this kind of usability issues can definitely dégouter!

They add a MIDI control surface dedicated it to this one machine (Behringer style) solves the problem but asked to agree to take the lead in a program before you can fully use it. Therefore not at the door of a newcomer to the world of synthesis and MIDI!

on the other hand for fans in those without the annoyances are worth the trouble in my opinion ...


Then against it by not bad at all considering the price (used) machine: as usual with the color palette Waldorf sound available is very wide and yet kind and original!

The sound is clean and smooth (sometimes a cold can!) But ultimately it's not as unpleasant in some Japanese brand (in my opinion of course!).

In fact after a while one begins to find that it is even an advantage because it can do everything rather well! The distos allow dirty violent sounds and some color filters have a 'digital' very special not found in any other brand (the resonators 'combs filters' for example!).

When the sound is a strictly analog approaches it without having the eppaiseur and the organic and living a real ... Yet in a mix of illusion works pretty good! In fact I'd buy just to make the final analog modeling and I use it more for its own creative qualities of the original sounds to make a modeling itself!

From a sound design for a real surprise for me especially as coupled with the excellent arpeggio we get to do evolutionary sequence of strange and very personal! Finally a full-fledged synth that should be useful for its own merits rather than for use as a give ... every time at Waldorf finally!


I use it for 3 years and it became one of the digital synths I use most regularly.

As indicated previously this is not a machine for beginners (because of its ergonomic ... mainly they should rather seek to remedy these shortcomings Q to use!) But if you're broke and looking for a versatile machine and can help you all do well (pads, leads, basses, fx, sounds' cheloux',...) and even to engage in sound research (combined filters and filter types Varis, matrix modulation powerful arpeggio interressant ,...) is a choice not to be overlooked.

We can still miss him repprocher slightly at first character of the issue, then once the effect of marketing spend 'analog modeled'il is attaching to its qualities that go far beyond a. ..