denmakesmusic 07/17/2005

Waldorf Micro Q : denmakesmusic's user review


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I have a 25-way version, for now it is enough for me, the features are allchantes (2 multimode filters, envelopes 4 3 LFO + matrix)
Most are in sync oscilloscope and multi-mode filters with Comb.
Obviously the matrix permits full of DLIR.
LFOs can sync to the tempo.
Between audio.
Multi, drumMap, multiple outputs.


The edition on the synth itself is quite galley because you have to pass parameters directly to constantly shift parameters so it's difficult to get a hand on the keyboard and the other to change the settings, despite 4 pots.
For the matrix is ​​the horror, we do not visualize, so unless you go through all we do not know what was programmed.
You have to go through a program editor to draw sounds. I am a right now to MacOSX.
The manual is very good, with examples and tips.


The sound is generally good trs. The distortion of the filters can get dirty sounds.
Obviously it is not worth a lot but it is analog. The possibilities are standard.
The effects are pretty gadgets, it's better without it, except the phaser that I find quite a bit.
For solo sounds, I have mixed feelings because the filter has a funny running on the keyboard follow.
If I compare with my Matrix1000, it has many more sounds possible, but it is a little colder. As against the envelopes are faster and is better for sound sequences.


I use it for several months, in fact I spent more time programming the editor so I have not done a lot of sounds.
I bought it 350 euros. I think for that price it has a lot of opportunities, obviously no longer Waldorf j'espre so he will not let me go ...