JulbenBiz 01/27/2003

Waldorf Micro Q : JulbenBiz's user review


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Virtual analog synth hardware
2U rack
300 presets in memory
For specifications see the Q
is almost the same except for:
Dsp-one instead of 3 on the Q
Routing-filter is fixed
Them dynamically allocate 25 votes (depending on the complexity of sounds)
-Effect can be a little worse (g unable to verify)
(These are the main differences with the Q)


Edition of the matrix is ​​not that bad, but a little time to adapt
is necessary
There is a freeware editor MQQ Pc (Q quick editor)
+ Scrambler to change the "pseudo-random" (it remains in digital) a preset

Remember that 6 + 2entrees separated out, it is not negligible for a synth
of this award


With up to five wavetables and oscilloscope with 2 filters per voice, I will say that one has
the margin
The sounds are obviously synthetic analogue with a penchant "cold"
Excellent for the New Wave, industry or "electro-clash" style 80's revival
However, we can make it sound pretty hot playing on multiple modulations
and routing filters
The oscilloscope is excellent in quality and harmonic richness general
And modulations!
: Lfo addition to a sin LFO2 saw a module that modulates osc 2 osc ....
There's even drum maps for those in need of kicks / snare
Finally, the vocoder, it's even more for the Q


550 euros for a nine "almost Q" at home: the microQ (6 letters not better)
Its strong point is the sound Waldorf, this synth can do, but certainly from analog
that a.