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  • TC Electronic Flashback Delay

    TC Electronic Flashback Delay - " a cat among the pigeons"


    digital delay and a looper. several modes delays, a looper, a TonePrint to load on TC. UTILIZATION simple to use, you turn the knobs, you play manual, are not you in the box, that is to say SOUND QUALITY and what is the title track commen…

  • TC Electronic Flashback x4

    TC Electronic Flashback x4 - " Almost perfect!!"


    I will not go into the details of the effects, there is everything on the forum and PREV review. I'll just give my opinion on the reason for such a purchase. It is almost perfect already :) nothing but the TC electronic brand we have here in te…

  • TC Electronic G-Major

    TC Electronic G-Major - " Average"


    Has the effect of first use. Included EQ that can be useful. SPDIF digital connection UTILIZATION The effects are customizable, manual can help Take a shot at, nothing fancy though SOUND QUALITY The effects themselves are fine, pretty del…

  • TC Electronic PolyTune Noir Limited Edition

    TC Electronic PolyTune Noir Limited Edition - " Practical and pretty ah"


    I since May, I use since that date. I have not tried before buying, apart from a Boss TU. I wanted something effective, convenient, fast. Unlike Boss, it is so easy that Polytune, moreover quite pretty in black and sepia, limited edition that say huh…

  • TC Electronic Reverb 4000

    TC Electronic Reverb 4000 - " Excellent reverb for upscale work"


    The quarter of 6000 with a TC only algo reverb (no compressors, multi-effects and others) and rather use music (no surround, no algo-VSS3 Film). Hardware level is ultra complete: - Resolution: 16/24bits Fs: 44.1 / 48/88, 2/96 kHz - Complete Ult…

  • TC Electronic BH250

    TC Electronic BH250 - " Very very good!"


    250W amp, transistor, 3EQ, TonePrint, mute and tuner all there. Ultra compact and lightweight it is your back that tells you thank you! Power is to go, I play yet 2X10 cabinet with 1'' (BC210) so I only use 125W is what is good enough for me repeat…

  • TC Electronic Nova System Limited

    TC Electronic Nova System Limited - " very disappointed."


    Very classic effects and good quality. UTILIZATION Easy to use. SOUND QUALITY Very good. OVERALL OPINION I have 2 years. Bought on the internet. After a year and a half he fell down. It froze after a few minutes. I realized that this …

  • TC Electronic PolyTune

    TC Electronic PolyTune - " Practical and effective"


    True bypass pedal, battery powered (not included) or power supply boss type 9V. How long have you use it? Few months, he is attached to my pedalboard and is not about to leave! Used at home, and again in concert: it's basic and it works nickel…

  • TC Electronic HOF Mini

    TC Electronic HOF Mini - " Reverbs in pedal"


    Reverb pedal with a switch and a knob. It is really tiny and easily fits in a gig bag. It comes with a small program that allows you to load or customize very finely reverb that you want to use. It's very fun to use! UTILIZATION Super simple, y…

  • TC Electronic BH500

    TC Electronic BH500 - .allan147's review


    500w rms amp all transistors UTILIZATION the manual is very clear, a startup must, before opening the volume adjust the "gain" on Impedence bass (small green diodes) and after .... hello its exellent amp recommend (quality-price ratio) SOUNDS …