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  • TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive

    TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive - " A very good pedal!"


    See previous opinion, is already was said! UTILIZATION It is relatively simple, a drive button, a level, a bass and treble (handy that way)! I did not read the manual, in fact I wonder if it y one! I find it completely unnecessary voice butto…

  • TC Electronic RPT-1 Nova Repeater

    TC Electronic RPT-1 Nova Repeater - " Very good pedal"


    All cara have already been mentioned. Going a bit further, I think this format is really cool pedal. Much less intrusive than the twin format with boss was still enough room for naviquer aisémment between the (many) settings and enough space between …

  • TC Electronic PolyTune Mini

    TC Electronic PolyTune Mini - " Pedal the most sold in the world?"


    Seduced by his display of 6 strings at a time and its size, I'm tempted ... I like having tuners around my house). Not disappointed, its small size allows it to quickly find its place in the pedalboard, reaction times are correct, it seems to me just…

  • TC Electronic BG250-115

    TC Electronic BG250-115 - " very good product"


    well nothing wrong, but I 9 because with a passive I find the sound a bit muffled but with active just excellent. The 250w is really present. I often use the drive tube to sound a bit outdated. I use very little tone print but it's pretty easy to i…

  • TC Electronic Flashback x4

    TC Electronic Flashback x4 - " Reference pedal."


    Fifteen different delay, input / output stereo 6.35mm jack, and can put an expression pedal, works with a standard 9V battery or power supply on 3 memorized settings under foot, tap tempo, very big button setting (time / feedback / level), a rugged m…

  • TC Electronic PolyTune

    TC Electronic PolyTune - " Effective and robust"


    An effective pedal tuner. She completed the job well, and it's solid. The LED display is nice in live situation, it helps to navigate. The strum function is cool, but do not expect not to have especially accuracy by using it. For my part, I prefer to…

  • TC Electronic PolyTune Noir Limited Edition

    TC Electronic PolyTune Noir Limited Edition - " Effective!"


    I use it for a few weeks. I needed a tuner for the scene and I do not regret. It is simple and effective. It is quite clear that we do on stage, it's quick, it grants efficiently and accurately. Small and rugged housing. I use a "universa…

  • TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb

    TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb - " Probably very good"


    Reverb-only, many types, including a configurable or "downloadable" in the "Footprint" label UTILIZATION Configuration very simple pedal. Loading a Footprint too. on the other hand, edit your own preset Footprint is a bit more sporty. SOUND QUA…

  • TC Electronic BG250-208

    TC Electronic BG250-208 - " Top amp for home and evolutionary"


    The BG250-208 is very different from other combos of the BG250 series (115, 112 and 210 according to HP included in the combos). These other amps are independent products. 208 is actually a package including BH250 head embedded in a cab with 2 HP…

  • TC Electronic Alter Ego

    TC Electronic Alter Ego - " Great"


    Digital pedal. Connections: 1 mono input, 1 stereo input, a mono output, 1 stereo output, 1 external power connector (9v), 1 USB (dedicated to Tone Print software and / or transfer of a Tone Print downloadable from the manufacturer's website ), ba…