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Thread cubase sx 1.01 rewired to reason 3 audio problems

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1 cubase sx 1.01 rewired to reason 3 audio problems
cubase sx 1.01 rewired to reason 3 dumps me out when i am recording audio :( .I am using a Behringer BCA2000 connected by usb2. Are there any known bugs about ? or is this a computer set up thing ( i have a 1 gig hard drive) cheers

%1$s a écrit I'm just starting out and would like info on how to obtain a nice small studio for mixing off of my comp????


Tell you what, why don't you go to the Newbie's forum, read the sticky note I posted at the very top of that forum, and then start a new thread there. We'll help you out, but you gotta put a little more thought into the question!
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I'm just starting out and would like info on how to obtain a nice small studio for mixing off of my comp????
Thanks for the replies it was very simple in the end the drivers shipped with the bca2000 were allready out dated so new drivers and a double check working through the xp tweaks so there were no little microsoft helpers working and everything is working great and very low latency wonderful

now all i have to do now is to beat the muse and record (any clues for giving her a hand will be gratefully acted on)

Great forum guys thanks again =d

Cubase is his audio program with Reason patching its audio into it via Rewire. I'm a Reason 2.5 owner, but not quite yet a power user. I'm currently a student at Mesa Community College in Mesa, Arizona, working on a degree in Audio Production. I use ProTools 6.7 at home with Reason 2.5.


Have you checked Propellerheads' website on "Using ReWire with Steinberg Cubase VST"?


Also, check your system resources while running the appication (both, Reason and Cubase, in this case); using two audio programs can and will bog down your system, especially if you don't have a lot of hard drive space as a recording destinatation. You can have further problems if the drive your operating system is on is the same one to which you're recording audio.

Make sure you have optimal RAM per program...remember that the system requirements of the software specify how much will be required of your system for the program only and does not take into account the other processes running on your system: Operating System, Startups, TSR Programs, ISP Software, Firewalls, etc.; each of these will be contending with your audio programs for RAM and hard drive access. A good way to optimize your system for audio is making sure that you have a fast enough processor for the collective number of programs that you will SIMULTANEOUSLY run on your system. Even if you may not be a user of ProTools, Digidesign has a website article that helps with optimizing your system setup for use as an audio system.
I wouldn't recommend using your pc for a multitasking office application PC plus an Audio System. One or the other is the best way to approach serious recording; if a solely dedicated system is not an option, then consider an extra hard drive to which you record only audio, and at least terminate all of the other unnecessary applications running on your system while you record; for example, no opening up other programs (especially graphics) while you're working on your audion projects...start with a fully rebooted and refreshed system resources system-- not one that has been sitting idly by after a long session of work for other non-audio applications.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to drop them on me. If we can't arrive at an answer together, I'm sure there will be people in this forum who will help us with whatever issues you encounter. In worst case scenarios, it wouldn't hurt to check with your local music store's audio pros. Good luck and happy recording! If you have already checked into this, then please disregard my suggestions. Nonetheless, I hope it helps! :)

Andy in Arizona
I know nothing about Rewire and I'm probably going to make a complete fool of myself here, but would any of this problem have to do with the fact that Reason simply can't record audio? Afaik, its a midi only program, no? I need to start learning more aobut Reason and Rewire. Ok, I'll shut my pie-hole now. ;-P
Thanks guys will try what you have suggested:) here's hoping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi there!

Try heading out to the B-Control forums. They might have some solutions to your issues
This sounds like it's probably going to be a driver/resource issue. Make sure you have all the most up to date drivers for sound, video, and your gear (the controller, too). Also, make sure nothing is sharing resources (IRQ's).
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD