Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster
Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster

Classic Player Baja Telecaster, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Classic Player Telecaster series.

Ptosh 04/18/2013

Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster : Ptosh's user review


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Needless to developed caractéristiques.Mexique, 21 frets, ash, maple etc ...

Regarding the frets, they are not covered with varnish to me as I read sometimes stinks, and the level of aesthetics anything reported. I noticed reading the reviews on this guitar that everyone has not quite the same wood through the paint for me is seeing a lot of the wood grain, I would love a little less good but it ' is a detail.
When I have a new guitar I have control maximum points so as not to be disappointed with the result so I partially disassembled to take a look under the hood and possibly made some alterations if necessary. The lifts are the taff but we'll see in the long term. When the handle is in its very beautiful.
The electronics against seems a little chip that's a bit crap.

Overall this is good because the only thing that is possibly fishing electronics and this is what is the easiest (and cheapest) to changer.c is just a visual impression because I was not identify any suspicious sound (crack) use so for now everything is correct we are in a good copy telecaster us.


the handle is really excellent. This soft V profile has surprised me comfort because I thought (in twisted) this profile going to be awkward because of its size and that it is contrary forme.Au me better than C different from my other guitars and so on that's a really good surprise. Like what nothing is worth trying.
The profile of the body is not so bad as you might think (compared to the stratosphere).
I think access to very decent treble.
the acoustic sound is really not bad. the sound is brilliant even when the strings start to vibrate well ternir.La guitar handy sustain is not ridiculous at all despite a system of bridges that I find archaic.


His side I'm glad this is not the sound of an authentic telecaster 52 ... but at the same time is not what I think of buying when I took this baja. I wanted a typed his telecaster and that's it.
All positions are nice, however, the S1 is not my cup of tea. It is not really useful, the four basic positions are more than enough for me.
On my amp shop type fender is great that "twang" well and when I push the overdrive is really nice.


So initially I wanted a telecaster but it was not essential to me so I expected to be pretty hard to judge its qualities and defects. And in the end I have to admit it is really well done, it is very playable and it sounds bien.et bonus it was not too bad set of origin. I patched the 1/4 turn of the screw trusraod and retouched a chouillat the bridges.

The only downside in my opinion is the electronics. s1 is not useful and is a bit of background noise (buzz) but hey it fits well in mind. I will change all that may be in the future for something more simple and classic.

I think it is worth its price, neither more nor less. I do not think this is the deal of the century but not a scam.

I still allows a small note, there may be large differences of a model to another (live in mass production :-/) to you to be vigilant.