Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster
Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster

Classic Player Baja Telecaster, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Classic Player Telecaster series.

tubart 10/18/2010

Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster : tubart's user review

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Value For Money : Poor
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CF other opinions


CF other opinions


I bought this new guitar (dmo, so very good price compared to new, what I'm going forward was clear from the beginning) because like many people, I permit charm by the characteristics of the beautiful, I possde a model with white cream pickguard. This Telecaster was a terrible passion, no less than five of my knowledge have also!

And it is this passion that I would come dposer a BMOL: Fender possde a strong marketing team to sell to the "custom shop" Mexican guitars unworthy of the name as their heads displayed.

So yes, the Baja's beautiful, color, maple key, the bridge 3 brass saddles like the old days, it has everything a great ... but was still expensive for what it is.

I blame him (less than the 5 best essays in addition to the mine are also the result of an unfortunate accident ...)

Approximate _CONTRACT MANUFACTURING: we see the dboucher dfonce for micro cot easel easel precisely
_frettage typical production Fender Mexico: fret not at the same level, difficult to hold a sustain at a bend, he finds himself very quickly smothered by too high fret. And what about the extrmit cuts frets grinder with too much angle towards the key ... Nothing new for 650 on average, they are silent and goes his way.
_The Micros "custom shop" ...: stews. It will explain how noticeable sound difference from those of the spare standard telecaster mexico ...
_the violin: not one of the one I tried (mine included) only offered a sound branch dgueulasse but tasteless, depth is plaplat. Let him bnfice of the doubt with the years that can possibly make it evolve, personally I doubt if the wood is not good base, it does not improve with time ...dropoff window

The rest? she has the mouth unquestionably but remains a Mexican, it's for me unworthy of Fender cot finishing ...

Choose a guitar leaves the quality of wood / electro not cavorting, no photo, the Squier Classic Vibe wins hands down. Obviously Fender Japanese production is substantially higher, but prices too. Though.

And if you find this hard on telecaster everybody loves me (me too after dozens of upgrades and planimtrie uros, after, after only one has a mean guitar range in the hands - so it falls to me to new prices, while I had a spcial price ...), make a sound real comparative / finish with one that still has the "sub-brand."

I heard there is little the buyer (seller even thundered in him ...) of a Precision Bass Mex said in a store "any fawn Mexican are the same as the USA, Fender USA sends mexico woods and its specifications, and as it is a neighboring country Fender US Contrle maintain continuous production and is seen, it is much better than the m *** Asian art. "
In voil one that fantsme lot and certainly not tried much other than Fender Mexico ...

Fender mexico is bogus for the price, but then a point ... Oh yes. Epiphone Les Paul and it is not nearly the same thing: a trade policy coronation ...