Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Custom
Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Custom

Classic '72 Telecaster Custom, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Telecaster series.

Rooyon 05/23/2014

Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Custom : Rooyon's user review

«  it should be rock and roll!! »

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mexico ect ...


nice sleeve, but not super fast either (but I, for that matter!) ... so no souçail! good ergonomics


for her, it took me quite a test to come out to adjust the height of the microphones until the mixture is smooth and can move doubled without much change in volume after ... but here it is Its what I was looking for ... fender blues deluxe tweed associated ...
Note: big flaw for my taste on the pulling ropes mounted delivery, with 1 October 46 it's all the same guitar and it inspires more confidence to change immediately!


last few days, I had other TV us, although initially I would say that the difference is smaller it is probably in a few months I can really evaluate the difference ... the price has me the proper air
Another remark: shielding strongly advised as copper and I can reseal the selector passage (making ...)