Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Custom
Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Custom

Classic '72 Telecaster Custom, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Telecaster series.

cachalotblanc 02/15/2007

Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Custom : cachalotblanc's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Republication of the model born in 1972 whose production stopped in 1980.

Telecaster uncommon, manufactured in smaller series.

Namely, the 1st series from 72 to 75 were not found sumptuous and now

Made in Mexico with selected woods in the United States (according to Fender), available in rosewood or maple neck, 21 frets "vintage" (fine) on an intermediate radius profile Fender vintage (but not large "round" in hand, "U ") to facilitate the taking with the whole hand, the thumb can go over to look for the E major.

Standard Telecaster in a micro bridge.
1 humbucker Fender "Wide Range" in handle, model "filed" a priori

3 vintage bridge saddles nickel.

1 + 1 control volume adjustment tone by micro or 4 knobs

A 3-position selector bridge / bridge-neck / neck


The handle is typical vintage, absolutely not in line with handles high-speed lines to go down to 160 in the black sextuplets!
No, here is comfort grip "rustic" but strong and "manly."

We like or not like it!

The action set properly (like any instrument that should be) is very nice.

On the average weight is well balanced and can be played for hours without suffering, it compels Telecaster does not have to go trough the stomach and cutting of the forearm as his little sister ... but Stratocaster it does (gets worse!)

The sound is its personality and originality! All in all this, we chose it for that!

This guitar is an alternative, or you love it or you hate it and there is no interest! (There are tools like that ...)


Instrument reflecting perfectly the sounds of 70's, both vintage with a twist of "dirt", a touch of aggressiveness when you push the knobs.

Sound in a velvet glove of steel.

The micro bridge is cheap but rather typical Telecaster, it is far from being one of the best representative, I highly recommend the upgrade on this model (Seymour, Fender Custom Shop ...) to render the most beautiful of worthy "twang" Telecaster!

The humbucker is the key to this guitar! not a humbucker ultra powerful enough, but its clear and warm drool a bit when pushed into overdrive (the famous sound of K. Richards 70 days'!!) grain truly personal. It provides a surprising versatility, clean, cozy jazz, blues crunchy, rock "antique"

Never use it on a transistor amp (like all guitars), it would be a fatal ereur and illogical, and never try to make the "death-metal-punk-hard core" ...

no, no ... vintage 70 'here!


I had to play on OCASI Telecaster moult, some are most excellent (IR 52 'and 60') but the disappointing series US standards, the Mexican series has a good quality / price ratio, but that's it ...

The Custom 72 'RI's personality, look and texture of sound.

Both by his telecaster bridge pickup becomes more versatile and more "rich", most original (and not original!) By the presence of the humbucker.

The principle of controls at the micro Gibson is really a decisive factor.

Value for money with no problem, the violin is more than correct!

Absolute and final choice ... again, as with the telecaster in general we like or not like it!