Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Custom
Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Custom

Classic '72 Telecaster Custom, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Telecaster series.

Mr ok okok 03/21/2005

Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Custom : Mr ok okok's user review


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-21 Frets
-2 Pickups (1 single and 1 double humbucker bridge in handle)
-2 Volumes and 2 tones
Handle very pleasant smooth-
-Mechanical in 1972 .... we like it or not! (Note the strings a password but also breaks)
3-ply plates
-Available in sunburst (mine) and black (like picture ).... I think that all c

attention some changes are needed:
Indeed, jai modified bridge pickup with a Seymour Duncan and I littlebucker doi sdir the guitar gains enormously in power. more feedback (ms ct very very slight) and more annoying buzz. my fender has become more fluid in the game and also consistency.
jai also changed the bridge and dropped out of home for a much more efficient and avoiding to the maximum detuning. tip jack also undergoes a change: It is now a gibson square type that took place on the body of my beautiful. jai ... also added two masses fender had apparently forgotten to do (!!!). short, set by the mechanisms that are not ds Schaller, she has all of great!


Using ultra simple (a constant for me who needs a maximum of ease ... see my other review)
access to the treble is good, weight is Ok
It is versatile and regularly go out of tune. Live invest in a tuner with bypass!

attention some changes are needed:
it goes out of tune at all with the new bridge, this guitar a real gem!


C's strong point: it is able to have very different sounds and c's why I bought a simple microphone to sound very dry (sometimes quite close to the garage rock) and a very fat humbucker (sometimes too, it covers a bit I find his colleague)
c a really good microphone setup. and even if we can get better for everyone, these pickups complement a lot and you will not deus!

attention some changes are needed:
the neck pickup no longer covers her little brother and it is perfect


Very versatile, very safe, it will pricurera lot of fun. However, if you're looking for pure grain, heavy distortion, get ready to change the humbucker (and just because a dc may no longer stick ...) because it covers just his friend. of course, if you are looking for against a partner who's around, asking to be tamed and demands attention ... you will be delighted and served! (Like me)

attention some changes are needed:
even more delighted than happy now, thanks mainly to change the bridge pickup!