Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Custom
Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Custom

Classic '72 Telecaster Custom, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Telecaster series.

Thomazii 06/08/2006

Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Custom : Thomazii's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Classic Telecaster shape (replica of 1972), made in Mexico.
21 frets, fixed bridge, 2 pickups (1 double "wide range" in the neck position and a simple "vintage" in the bridge), 2 volumes and 2 tones (1 each for each micro)

round profile "C" one piece maple. ash body and mechanical "vintage".


Very user friendly. The rest speaks for itself: it is a TV, so not very light, but what a look! body well designed and pleasant to the touch (nice polish!).

The sounds are right there. Once connected, it's sublime simplicity. Once again the spirit of TV it sounds, and we want no more ...


So there, there are a bunch of stuff to say.

On the first micro acute: plugged into a good cube lamps, slamming it as it likes on a TV: rock'n'roll sound, heard on hundreds of vinyls. an incredible presence, and good sustain, with set neck. A very good dynamic, which allows out in a chorus, even at low volume.

But the micro serious pff my ancestors! it is (to my taste) sublime! Nothing to say: in all registers, it goes impeccable: rock, pop, jazz, blues and especially (its crunch by lowering his tone), and even some metal riffs almost greasy, but hey, do not push it when well ... The sound is warm, round, clear, full of harmonics.

This is the microphone I use most, particularly with the type "crunch". It fits perfectly, and transcribed all my nuances of play ...


I use this guitar for almost a year now, and as a young guitarist (4 years of practice), I can say it has never disappointed. I play Rock back with a group of Evreux, and it perfectly meets my expectations (simplicity, efficiency). the sounds you can get are very varied, and we need very little time to shape his sound.
I often have the opportunity to play on a Telecaster american deluxe series, and I prefer the custom 72 '! But do not believe in miracles either, it's not the perfect guitar: what it lacks is may be a better finish because the manufacture of good quality Mexican though, can be blamed for some points.
Otherwise, the value for money is excellent (€ 699 on thomann is the concrete!), And it's still a Telecaster! I played on an Ibanez before, and I think the back would be impossible now.

What is special about this guitar is really his (fabulous) humbucker, so little common Telecasters, and the elegance of his shield, designed to accommodate four knobs.

With the expereince, I would definitely do it again this election. She made it possible to obtain sound typed "vintage" but not lock me in a style, because, again, the sound posssiblités are very extensive.

In short, you'll understand that I am madly in love with this guitar, microphone and dual ...
The only black spot in all this is probably the lack of comfort on the cavity side of the body, but requires vintage spirit, it's still an exact replica ...