Ampeg GVT52-112
Ampeg GVT52-112

GVT52-112, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Ampeg in the GVT series.

SlapKid 09/18/2013

Ampeg GVT52-112 : SlapKid's user review

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Bought in July 2013 329roros a straw!
Point V30 in there, but a seventy / eighty 16ohms.
Ruby 6L6 tubes, 12AX7 I know (aluminum hoods above).
All lamp of course (except rectifier graetz) spring reverb and effects loop operated by relays so completely out of the loop if you want.
2 channels with gain-flight 3bandes eq. Curiously, the circuit state is setting mediums long before Baxandall floor-acute severe.
Footswitch for reverb or / loop or channel / boost with leds siouplé.
The boost is accessible only by foot, and acts on the two channels.
The master volume and master reverb are located after the loop, nice to use an external preamp or multi.
50watts is hairy and smooth, hyper-volumes are gradual and therefore super useful (do not F. ..?)


It is very readable and easy to use, the manual is more informative top.

The reduction in power is probably nice apartment, "but the sound is less good volume apart.
I used the loop with a delay of vm1 bébert, do not worry level. I also used an external preamp (marshall) right in the back of the loop and there is also no worry of the equivalent volume level of the amplifier used normally.

Very easy to get a good sound on hyperstable clear channel, which accepts with pleasure distos upstream and overdrive. Just reverb too long but we know from 50 years ...
As against the overdrive channel is super sharp, diabolical forces equalization.


Clean is warm and round but clear, no gain saturation even catch with your favorite upstream distortion is a delight.
The saturax this is not my thing here, first grain is odd, rather reche and broken, and it lacks flexibility. The rate of gain may be high but it is more fuzz in the idea, blah. With the gain in the first half is not bluesy anyway, it lacks spring alive. Warning I have not touched the tubes, we can probably arrange the table with tubes with onions!

Still, the sound alone is worth the clean amp and widely, it is quite difficult to find a stable platform for the pedals and the Ampeg does.

A word about Baxandall, this is a very dramatic equalizer that does not touch anything other frequencies, the absolute opposite of the boost channel of my AC15 which is useless in fact (the bass and treble are mounted are the trunk, and vice versa.) The Ampeg is a dream of efficiency, and unlike standard active EQ it stays warm and soft (in sound).


After my disappointment with the nighttrain I threatened to take a Baxandall to see which act and I'm really disappointed.
Ampeg is probably the only one to use this type of equalizer guitar amp and it is so good that I can not see myself re-galleys with something else.

The original hp is quite effective, but too smooth and cold, especially in the midrange. As Baxandall highly efficient, you can put more hp medium without losing bass or treble in the end, leaving a huge freedom of choice.
I installed a GB12 eminence hp in the midrange just delicious, and the final result is much better, more hp is a not very expensive.

The amp is pretty heavy, more than my AC15, and deep, with a single handle is uncomfortable to move it.
For the money it is the top business course.