Ampeg GVT52-112
Ampeg GVT52-112

GVT52-112, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Ampeg in the GVT series.

tamfranc1 10/22/2014

Ampeg GVT52-112 : tamfranc1's user review

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all-tube amp. power 50 or 25 watts. both channels with separate settings
Baxandall EQ fine and performing. reverb effects loop boost


Very well. With this type of equalization is obtained very easily sound you want because somehow the three bands are independent. it settles its acute and severe or medium without the new setting alters the previous one.


I play rock heavily influenced by the 70's (Pink Floyd style and co) and it really is the amp I needed. I have a rather special config JMP1 preamp with a looper twelve o'clock g lab and others stuff controlled by a fb 1001 that allows me to have the sound of the amp or preamp those (British and American choice ). amp accepts pedals very well.
clean sounds are beautiful saturations (without the marshall preamp) very American (one is close to Neil Young for example).


I use it for a year now. I also have a nice blackheart amp but much less versatile and less opportunities (loop reverb etc)
Frankly there is nothing I do not like a tube amp but it's really a matter of taste ...
the value for money is unbeatable secondhand (I paid 300 euros for a incredible all-tube amp of this power). A great little trick is very progressive volume that you can play at home with a great sound. Plus I like his retro look.
Go a little flaw it is heavy but like any good tube amp respectable!
Not for the metal against!
I would do without this choice problem. he let me go one day I bought a now! I do not understand that it has not attracted more people and Ampeg has stopped production. What nonsense to think that Ampeg can only make bass amps (ah ... the name and the thing!)