Blackstar Amplification Artisan 15

Artisan 15, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Blackstar Amplification in the Artisan series.

millezotla 03/11/2013

Blackstar Amplification Artisan 15 : millezotla's user review

«  Pure sound! »

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2 EL84
2 ECC83 for channel 1
EF86 1 for channel 2
1 Grinding
No effects loop.
Tolex covered with a beautiful burgundy and sound quality.
On mine, Vintage 30 HP, but you can find it with a 20w rola greenback.
I have seen many a leather handle for connection with the vintage side plates and vent, I will clearly seen in chrome.


manual clear and simple, very useful for connecting two cabs or cab one more HP!


I give my opinion hot with very little time to use. I will complete this later view.
First channel 5w, clear sound, the tone was at 13:00, ouaaa fairly acute, so I declined. What a beautiful sound, but the tone is 9 or 10 o'clock. I pushed the volume gradually, what is good. Pickup, stick a treat. At bottom, this is good. Channel 2 crunch that much sooner and it goes a little further saturation.
Mode 15W! The is something else, already, we can raise the tone, the dynamics of this amp! It's pretty fabulous. The more I turn up the volume, the more I cry of happiness, what crunch. Channel 2, ditto, crunch it faster, but with more bass than 5W.
Tests with a Greenback (G12M), the sound is softer, warmer, we can increase the tone in 5w. I think the Vintage 30 is not appropriate in this amp. I tried a little while linking two channels, a lot of possibilities.
The low input can have a clear sound over a larger stroke knob. But the best of these entries is to connect the pedals. A feast for the overdrive and fuzz distos because the sound is so pure on these inputs.


This amp is excellent! I'll probably revisit some of my views on some amps down.