Blackstar Amplification Artisan 15

Artisan 15, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Blackstar Amplification in the Artisan series.

jfreisa 01/27/2012

Blackstar Amplification Artisan 15 : jfreisa's user review

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I have not much to add. If not to see on this page:


Nothing complicated. 4 input, 4 volume level / crunsh. Plus a special connecting the two channels.
You plug the guitar in one of the inputs. You set the tone and volume. Namely, the volume also manages the crunsh. So for more crunsh, one goes over the volume.
This feature requires to play in a large room. Inappropriate in an apartment for example. In this case it will provide a pedal crunsh (what I do at home).
No switch to change from one channel to another easily. I had to buy a Boss LS-2. Small volume of a channel for the clean, high-volume on the other for his crunsh.


This is the point that I decided on this amp. I find her beautiful! Faced with a Vox AC15, Fender Hot Rod Marshall and JSM, the Blackstar is my favorite. The sound is warm, but more importantly, the lack of EQ is the fact that its "pure" the guitar that comes out.
The sound is very clear on the first channel (see too much with a Fender guitar typed). And is crunsh lege. While the 2nd channel is more serious. With crunsh closer to the Disto.
For me in, I plugged a Les Paul Custom 70 'Lag Roxanne vintage 93-2000, Special Telecaster Custom HH (FMT with Dimarzio pickups). In any case, it is happiness. Just grimace for the Telecaster that sounds "eryrthema" too bright for my taste.


House, Apartment, repeated, club scene. I take it everywhere. Funk, rock, blues, hard, except it all. Really my best friend as an artist.
The price reduction (whew!), because it's true that it cost me much for almost nothing. No EQ, no reverb, no switch. Just common matosse mounted handmade (but Korean) with good lamps.
I would do well this election, but not at the same price ^ ^