Blackstar Amplification HT-5C

HT-5C, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Blackstar Amplification in the HT-5 series.

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TheJeff666 10/26/2010

Blackstar Amplification HT-5C : TheJeff666's user review

« lamps for computer music!! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Lamp 5 watt combo, 2 channels, wealth effects loop, line out / headphone simulator. In fact, it is a dual VAT with a baffle celestion 10 "and an effects loop. I took this combo to its characteristics, 9 only because it" lacks "the knob gain on the clean channel .... sniff ...


well it's a fairly standard tube amp, so no need to open the manual ... as soon as I received it, connecting the telecaster, all except the volume pot to 5 mediums widened slightly, and, live on both channels, the SOUND! after we play with the ISF and it SOUNDS! So very easy to use, true happiness, things change modeling (hardware or software) for immediate results.


As a combo, the sound could be fuller and rounder, this is normal given the size of HP celestion, but much better than the other 5 watt lamp that I could try or even buy (peavey valve king Royal 8, despite the disappointing mods). on the other hand, plugged into a 4x12 JCM800lead friend, that is happiness ... And the 5 watt are not joking ...
So for not too strong at home, the combo is nickel. To repeat, type the beef or small concert, plug it on a 2x12 or 4x12 baffle, you will not be ashamed (of the sudden I'm going to buy a greenback 2x12 cabinet .... pffff ...)

But that's not why I took this combo is to make a real computer music with his lamp ... and, emulated output on the soundcard, the sound I was looking for months ... without even equalize, but happiness ...

Clean channel: Ben is a clear tube with no frills. on the other hand is a real clean sound to light, so with this little trick that I've never been able to maintain, or feel, with a model that either hard or soft (and I had to try everything on this market. We are amazed at first, then it very quickly tiresome, frustrating for me ... even more you spend more time to set up and even to play with this kind of stuff, plus we must correct his catch to the mix ...).
The channel is very neutral at first, you have to do what you want. It depends on your game and amp settings and thus the ISF (a slaughter that thing ...). Very dynamic, responds very well to the game a little reverb in the loop, which works very well and is included in the emulated output, and off you go. Not possible to saturate the channel with the volume at less than 5, then, with microphones and powerful by increasing the volume, we can give body to the sound to reach a very nice warm crunch, and with the ISF, we do what you want ...

Distortion channel: Aaargh!! too good. As versatile as the clean channel, very gradual gain going from bluesy crunch to the very very big distortion. The ISF is a new dimension, we have several amps on hand ... Lead, rhythm, various experiments, anything goes. I just have not managed to have bad sound, and I am far from having experienced all the possibilities of the beast ...

The effects loop works very well (Me, I put a small multi effect for tremolo, reverb and delay) and the amplifier accepts pedals very well live (wah, overdrive light for me).

Edit: after 2 gigs with a drummer and another guitar player a bass player, the first with a reasonable volume bar, no need to plug the Blackstar on a 2x12 cab, super sound, immediate placement in the mix, not even to touch I sound foot. second concert with the same training but a louder volume, connect the sound with blackstar in the emulated output, very efficient, but the sound is working well on the table to be placed correctly in the mix (pan EQ ... ), less dynamic than the direct sound (normal is an emulation) but once it has adapted to the sound and venue of the concert, it makes him frankly.
The personality of the guitar is very well respected. I play on a LP Custom copy mounted P90, and a telecaster deluxe 72, the guitars very different then. I also tried it with the studio LP from a friend who was amazed with his guitar in channel two big crunch mode and ISF mode british ... I am quite mode Rican ...


Bought new two months ago, and experienced in various situations, soon resumed with the combo sound emulated by the output (I'd do an edit at this time).

After a history of rock monomaniac old Fender amps with large lamps in (hot rod deluxe twin reverb, bassman, princeton ...), then spent another big electro or I have tested almost everything that was in modeling ... I was looking for a lamp to his real work and save my house at low volume and headphone and have all the same scratching sound of a real and workable for what a reasonable budget. Well nothing to say, I've used ...

the +

very good clean sounds
very good overdrive
good dynamic sounds of guitars met
effects loop
emulated output

The -

knob no gain on the clean channel
This deserves a good combo HP 12 "base

Most excellent value for money for the price of a big pedal, it was a very good combo lamp with effects loop and emulated output. A true Swiss Army knife for the guitarist, you can do anything with this combo, even play at Stade de France ... All you need is a good guitar, fingers and a little creativity ...

Edit: I'm going to buy may be one for the stereo ....