Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410
Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410

Hot Rod DeVille 410, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Hot Rod Deville series.

MGR/Joe the one and only 01/11/2009

Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410 : MGR/Joe the one and only's user review

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There really aren't a lot of details to say about this, it's a straight up Rockin' amp. 65 Watts all tube extremely amazing sound. I love the 4 10 inch speakers and I'll never buy 12s again. Also worth noting it has 3 channels... sort of. They say it has 3 but in reality it has a clean channel, a drive channel, and one that essentially boosts the drive channel called the "More Drive" channel.

I bought this amp when Guitar Center had a sale, but I forget how much exactly I paid. I want to say $750.

It's really a great amp with an amazing sound. It's smooth as butter with a bite like a pirahna.

Ok so these aren't big things but they are the little things that bother me. As with all tube amps this thing sounds better louder, but when you can't get loud it's a little frustrating. It stills sounds good, but not really great. Base line if you live in an apartment and there's no chance of you ever doing a gig, you might want to get something smaller.

NOT FOR METAL! If you're into metal think Marshall, or maybe the 212 model.

great quality great construction.

Bottom line, this is the amp that rules. It was one of those finds where you sit down and play it and angels pop out and sing a chorus. To quote me comparing it to another one. "That amp sounds like a good tube amp, the Fender deville sounds like God's tube amp" But with most things you have to find the one that YOU like, may be this one may not be this one.

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