Marshall TSL601
Marshall TSL601

TSL601, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the JCM2000 TSL series.

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tarantism 02/26/2008

Marshall TSL601 : tarantism's user review


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Tube amp ... the rest was said
Warning marshall has changed!
The combo parrait strong and take the road but it is full of pieces of plastic that breaks easily, such as knobs, for example
I disassembled quite a few times and it has nothing to do with the pieces of good quality marshall


Simple configuration
the clear a little soft
the second channel gives a nice crunch but not worthy of a marshall
The third very good coarse channel distortion (the only thing I liked about this amp)
But for a 60-watt AC lamp really does not send!
If your drummer is a bear is not worth it must be put back and bought a lamp every month! all this not to be present so that ca ...


I play progressive rock and funk to the primus, patton.
I always dream to have a good marshall amp with my Start and the sound of it was a big disappointment
Overall the sound is soft enough even connected to a 4 * 12 cabinet ...


I bought it out of spite (history voucher) di I saw the price and it has been a marshall ca!
Not at all since I bought it I have not stopped trying to sell it!
Also I use even more distortion of the amp the sound was so soft
I get a jcm 900 and then we see a sacred difference!
In addition it's a pain to move it. It is heavy bulky and fragile.
I advise anyone to buy this amp but rather to find a head over a small 2 * 12 cabinet