Mesa Boogie F30 1x12 Combo
Mesa Boogie F30 1x12 Combo

F30 1x12 Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Mesa Boogie in the F series.

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oxas16 10/23/2011

Mesa Boogie F30 1x12 Combo : oxas16's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
everything has been said about the characteristics.

power mixer tape furious. 30 watts = 50 watts boogie in many other brands ...


settings are ultra simple equalizer set to 2 / 3 hours and go
is not very easy to customize what you play and used the stove
equalizer is great
over two channels with FULL (all independent reverb +) it makes life easier
the manual is not necessary at all.
sound at low volume is very satisfactory apart / maison.même distortion completely useable !!!!!
or Sublime, but it is repeated or in concert !!!!!!!
it has never tried it can not even imagine.
Once you leave all your pedals with you and you have SOUND ..... the one you thought reserved for pros.
plain or saturated.


I do rock, rhythm and blues and qquefois variety.

of crystalline fat but with a custom sound and different from all that can be heard with other amps.

you can have it all.
the crunch, I use channel 2 without contour, gain and master almost 0 to + possible.mais mics of guitars are an essential component of the crunch ....

I am not a good guitarist, but this amp gives great sound.

I have one and an old Epiphone Sheraton srtat Mexico, but with guitars top it must be wonderful ....


I have for nearly three years. I had several tube amps, the two latter being a peavey classic 30 and a Fender Hot Rod. nice amps but so below ...

I love his prodigious, the small footprint, the relatively correct, the quality of manufacture.
I like less (but ignores) the presentation very simple.

Price, € 1600 is very expensive. I bought it secondhand € 850.

objectively, considering the quality, it's worth € 1650. otherwise mesa boogie no longer exist