Truetone Workhorse Pony
Truetone Workhorse Pony

Workhorse Pony, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Truetone.

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checkzeflo 01/28/2013

Truetone Workhorse Pony : checkzeflo's user review

«  An excellent playmate »

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30W all-tube amp single channel without effects loop.
30W beat up the burn! I suspect the designers have wanted to keep a clean sound even at 30W, where a huge reserve of power.
There is a setting spring reverb and 3-band EQ efficient hyper.
Little surprise, output 9V power effects pedals.
The speaker is a Celestion 12 inch high quality.
The amp is solid, well made and seems reliable.

I is 7 because there is no effect loop and that there is a channel. It is "forced" to put pedals for all sounds desirable. This is certainly a drawback but basically what guitarist does not have a gaggle of pedals today?


Easier you die a first! But it is not so simple then.

the amp is mono channel has been designated to accommodate effects pedals including the famous Jeckyl & Hyde comes with the amp.

We obtain easily a clear warm and vibrant thanks to the 3-band EQ on the amp.
Saturated and crunch sounds are insured for their pedal via J & H. The latter is just fantastic and very versatile. The overdrive (Jeckyll) provides access to light or crunches furibards for blues, rock and hard rock vintage trend based (or copied) to the tube screamer Ibanez who has nothing to prove in this register.
Disto channel (Hyde) significantly increases the gain for leads and impetuous rhythms while power metal.
It also has a bass boost on the overdrive channel (switched in my case) and two modes of channel distortion distortion from "normal" to downright angry and aggressive!
Interlocking the 2 channels at the same time we find ourselves with a new sound boosted and compressed but workable especially lead.

By setting against the 3 channels requires time and attention to detail including volumes and EQ for each channel. This is why, starting with a disarmingly simple amp we find ourselves still huge opportunities with versatility and settings via the J & H.

With all my guitars (see profile), this amp and this pedal associated sound very well. I became a fan of downright overdrive channel.


It is suitable for all styles of music as long as you add the right pedals. I plug my Fullbore metal to the big metal stain, Jeckyll channel for blues and clean Crados etc ... everything is a matter of fact pedals!
The clean sound is beautiful and clear I sometimes added to GE7 boosted my solis clear and change my tone a little ...
Whatever sounds are very good in all config I tested.


I use it mainly for a few months to play alone at the moment but it has already made a repeat with Battery.

It is obviously very powerful for home use but still sounds good even at low volume (since its purpose is to clear the remained, it minimizes the lack of ability to spit lamps in my view).

I would do without this choice problem and wonder why this amp is no longer made now.