Truetone Workhorse Pony
Truetone Workhorse Pony

Workhorse Pony, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Truetone.

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Seeya007 11/16/2007

Truetone Workhorse Pony : Seeya007's user review


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Amp full "lights" a terrible simplicity 30w, 1 channel point :-) At connectors and knobs in the trs is simple: volume, bass, middle, treble, reverb, between a guitar, between one to an output and an HP supplmentaire 9V pedals for Djekyll & Hyde. That's it!
Small BMOL SUBJECTIVE, Visual Sound, very small scale human Socit dfend philosophy "hand made" ... shame that the amp is made in China! It's good quality but it's not The finish irrprochable. Nothing, I mfie Chinese products ...


The configuration could not be simpler, it's essentially plug and play.
The manual is well torch but there's not much to learn, but may be the rglage of bias when relamping. At this point, Visual Sound has ProCD prompts the user to change lamp itself. To help such chih, there is the rear 2 p'tites loupiotte that change color depending on the rglages.


This amp should all styles of music as much as it adds the pedals adquate. It comes with pedals Djekyll and Hyde is a real bomb. The clear sound "basic" is really nickel, round, prcis. Personally I play the Rock The Edge and his tricked out some effects, I really what I want.
Also this amp has to be used t Designed with pedals and sincrement not a vain illusion: one connects and works right away. I tried the same on my amp Djekyll brunetti, with the same rglages and objectively, is not the same.
Ah ... it is also lightweight: approx 18 kg ... and comes with a bag of excellent invoice (drawback properly and with wide pockets latrales).
Just a BMOL, it is really powerful and if we play at home ... most of its ranges between 0 and 1 (above, way too strong), so you must handle the volume knob with extreme dlicatesse. I would have been 9.5, but there's no such note.


I've had two months and I'm really pleased. I bought the United States via Ebay ( ) to about 900. It is not given but it's really good quality ... so I would do this choice.