Orange Thunderverb 50H
Orange Thunderverb 50H

Thunderverb 50H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Thunderverb series.

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Spaker 07/06/2011

Orange Thunderverb 50H : Spaker's user review

« A monster ... »

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Value For Money : Correct
I will not start again here, but simply put: it is an all tube head with a power of 50W.

It weighs about 25k (it is not negligible ...) and is quite large. HP provides a single cable to connect it to the cabinet. This time, I use it with the PPC 412 in Orange.

In terms of power, 50w is more than enough for most situations, rehearsals, concerts, or just play at home (of course).

The head has a reverb that is good.
It features an attenuator that allows you to moderate the volume of the amp without having to be clamped. Specifically, you can push your volume to 3 / 4 while turning the attenuator to half or more. So your head is operated, but your volume is low enough not to get back to your neighbors! In addition, you can assign a switch to the attenuator function to boost your volume in full song on a solo part and ca ... it's great practice.
The head also has an effects loop.


For configuration, it actually offers two channels A and B. None of them are only dedicated to the CLEAN channel because each has in fact three levels of gain.

If we use the CHANNEL A: The first third of the gain knob delivers a clean clean. The second third is more akin to a crunch (I'm simplifying ...) and the last 1 / 3 is close to a big rock distortion typed or metal.
CHANNEL A has the same classic EQ: Treble, Bass, Middle, Gain.

If we use the CHANNEL B: It's very hard to define as his, but he appears more "open", more modern overall. The gain knob also has three levels, as for Channel A.
But here, the equalization is controlled by a knob called "SHAPE" which provides a multitude of sound with a highly effective precision. We can therefore choose a distortion more "vintage" or downright modern. But we can not make adjustments for only the bass or trebles: everything goes through the knob "Shape".

Overall, it's pretty easy to get a sound that will appeal, and here the button "shape" of the B channel is just perfect. Basically, this is the tactic of "Plug and Play". After, if you want a more sculpted and staff, we will be going through a distortion pedal in its own right. But there's already a lot to do with the settings of the head!


Does this head fits my style of music?
Oh yes ...

I mainly play metal, so I can not really talk about other music styles. But for all that will touch the rock and metal distortion: that is his business.
To give you an idea: the two guitarists play on Down, and members of Mastodon. Well sure, there's no whole rack of effects that goes with it, but it's a sign of confidence.
For my part, I tried to sounds from Porcupine Tree through Tool, A Perfect Circle etc.. Bah ... I have found. That's exactly what I wanted to be dynamic and impact. It is totally possible to get a very clean distortion with a lot of gain (at the beginning of the third tier for example). But if you want a fat distortion, gain full of very modern ... it is also possible.
Small clarification: it does not drool. I tried to push the animal thoroughly. The sound is clean, neat, efficient.

This is my first tube amp, before I played on a Line 6 Valve 112 tube was employed, but only models. So obviously, this "change" ...

About my equipment, I play on a baffle with a PPC 412 ESP LTD EC-500 has two EMG 81 and 85. In my view, the PPC 212 does not operate at its maximum head ... I just know that the PPC 412 (4 X Celestion Vintage 30) is making the sound of a huge way.

As I said, I love the distortion of the head as very versatile. After that, I do not know if it meets certain distortions that seek ultra-advanced ... It's not a head "type" metal even if it can safely access the registry.
on the other hand, there is nothing to link this with Thunderverb external distortion pedal! As proof, I sometimes use a Blackstar HT-DistX (which is just monstrous ...) which allows me to sculpt the sound even more and make it really different. So this is really the big distortion, hot, heavy, full of bass. You also love the palm mutes who "Krum Krum?" Well now ... In addition, the head cash extremely well at low frequencies. So for hardcore low tunings: it is more substantial.
Well here it is well to couple the head with this pedal Blackstar. But I assure you, those famous "Krum Krum," you've also without the pedal, but it's different, and that's what's great: have several distortions.

Finally, I forget to mention that the head can also be used for Bass (yes ...), not just for guitars. I never tried on the other hand.


I use it for one month and a half now. I have yet to find something to complain about that would make me regret my purchase.

I could not use other models or brands before buying it. I did a lot of research between Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Blackstar, Laboga and Orange. It finally Thunderverb 50w attracted me the most.

His biggest strength is probably its versatility and attenuator that lets you both play live in your room, without shaking the foundations of the house or apartment.

Level quality / price ratio, I got into B-Stock Thomann for about 1350 euro. Dv 247 home, it is 1300 euro. Honestly, there's nothing to say on that side. It is "expensive", but compared to other heads and saw the quality, it's worth it.

With experience, you do again this choice?
Hard to say ... it's too little time I play it to say yes. And it would be a shame to stay camped on a model while y'en others who are worth! ("Hector" in Laboga, "Dual Rectifier" in Mesa, etc.)