Universal Audio Audio & music gear
UAD Plug-In(80), UAD(39), LA-610(21), Apollo(20), 1176(12)
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Universal Audio Audio & music gear user reviews

  • Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad Omni DSP V6

    Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad Omni DSP V6 - " Very disappointing"


    - The use of DSP processors have motivated my choice - I use the UAD Quad with Cubase UTILIZATION - System very stable - No latency to crash the beast it takes GETTING STARTED - Installation without problems but follow the instructions …

  • Universal Audio UAD-2 Solo

    Universal Audio UAD-2 Solo - " My best investment"


    Universal quality audio plugs, EMT 140, the compressor Fairchild, the beautiful 1176. This is a real killer! Really a great product, there is silence and there we collect! UTILIZATION yes GETTING STARTED no worries OVERALL OPINION Purch…

  • Universal Audio Neve 1081 EQ

    Universal Audio Neve 1081 EQ - " Excellent"


    Easy SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Little greedy with the SE version. OVERALL OPINION The first time I tried the EQ Neve with Universal Audio, I immediately clicked on "start - control panel - uninstall a program and deleted all other plugins EQ …

  • Universal Audio Precision Limiter

    Universal Audio Precision Limiter - " limiter incredible!"


    the facility is spotless, the problem is simply a quick click on it and autorizations in! SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE I use it on a Power Mac G5 Dual 1.8 ghz pro, uad the app is very stable, I use it with ProTools 7.4 on Tiger and everything runs (it…

  • Universal Audio LA610 Signature Edition

    Universal Audio LA610 Signature Edition - " it's good round"


    tube preamp, compressor 1 button (I love) and EQ game which I am using more on this signature model, lamps NOS, I find them beautiful, then I have only tested once a 2-610 with normal lamps and I had trouble but I do not know if it comes from Unli…

  • Universal Audio Studer A 800

    Universal Audio Studer A 800 - " Excellent, but expensive"


    Installation of traditional software UAD. easy setup. No need to book. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE It is a little greedy, but it also depends on the UAD cards you have. I have an i7 with UAD2 quad. I'm off to turn it so ... OVERALL OPINION I t…

  • Universal Audio Neve 1073 EQ

    Universal Audio Neve 1073 EQ - " not bad at all"


    hyper ultra easy installation SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE I have a i7. Additionally a UAD2 Quad. So no performance issues to turn the plug on all my tracks. Not too greedy. OVERALL OPINION It is really beautiful. Especially for the treble. I …

  • Universal Audio 2-1176

    Universal Audio 2-1176 - " A quality tool"


    A simple compressor, stereo, computer rack without editing, pure hardware! The inputs and outputs are XLR only. UTILIZATION If you know the principle of a compressor (at the same time saw the price of the bike, I hope for you) use is clear, the …

  • Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad

    Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad - " TOP"


    I already own a UAD-1 so I knew the system 'm sure, I have decided to proceed to the top, with the UAD-2 Solo, which is equivalent to twice the power of the UAD-1 , but happiness! I only had no more power, because I am using UAD plugs bigger than the…

  • Universal Audio 2-1176

    Universal Audio 2-1176 - " Gand a classic studio"


    It's a compressor - limiter dual mono or stereo. Patterns are identical to the famous UREI 1176 LN built by and by Universal Audio. The trip time can be very fast or very slow. the look is quite nice, but the knobs are unfortunately much smaller t…