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M-Audio Mobilepre Usb
M-Audio Mobilepre Usb

USB audio interface from M-Audio belonging to the MobilePre series

Thread PLEASE HELP! moble Pre Midi problems!

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1 PLEASE HELP! moble Pre Midi problems!
Hey i Got a usb Moble Pre sound card with a midi man 2x2 usb. I use Cubase SX 3, i got this crazy problem......and i reformated my computer and started fresh to see if my computer was the problem, but now i know it must be my soundcard or something.....whats happening is When i get to making multiple Midi tracks......the midi just stops working.. and i get no sound, i could be in the middle of recording, or playing.... and it just stops......or my cubse just freezes. Im wondering if it's because its USB> and not FireWire. and can't handle all the midi or some shit, but its pissing me off, i cant get creative.... anybody had this problem?