Gibson Explorer '76 Reissue
Gibson Explorer '76 Reissue

Explorer '76 Reissue, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Explorer series.

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fuzzstone 06/13/2010

Gibson Explorer '76 Reissue : fuzzstone's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Explorer 76 after re Natural gold hardware made in the USA.
The natural finish and gold hardware, greatly reduce the connotation that metal guitar has acquired over the past 20 years.
This shovel is immense, a real steamer!
Not had any weight in relation to the idea that they're done taking into account the size of the machine (approx. 3.5 Kg).
Otherwise, hardware classic meca grover, 496R and 500T for micro, tune o matic bridge, and small variation on the volume and tone knobs, mine are not cylindrical knob speed as most of the exploring, but the top hat .
On my own, completion of high bills, properly applied nitro lacquer, mahogany body very pretty (beautiful veins visible under the painted), shrinking nickel, rosewood key homogeneous (no area too clear, for example The fibers are tightened).
A real sense of quality that emerges from this guitar.

To nitpick, I'd still be a small burr on the pickguard at the screw near the selector and a (very) slight overflow of glue on top of the neck near the nut.
Mode really shit disturber, I would say that the body is as much to explore in 2 parts the top horn is added and the wood is slightly lighter at this location.
Apart from these two or three things, the guitar is sublime, the box that needs no introduction is designed to withstand the passage of a 38T, the white wig smelling caramel.

The exploration and me it's a chance I was looking for a Les Paul in the 1000 brouzoufs initially, my wife having enough to see me try that LP did not meet my expectations (it's hard to be poor lol ...) I ordered this beautiful Gibs.
Of course, it's no coincidence all, after all these years of marriage, she knows how to recognize when Lynyrd Skynyrd "Saturday night special" happening on the stage and she knows why I have a Firebird I (even if n is a Tokai), Allen Collins is in my top five guitarists ... I worship.
Go hop a beautiful guitar that throws, making very serious, top equipment, cheap considering the quality of sound and touch ... (1025 € flight case and shipping included). A good 9 / 10 deserved.


Despite the large size, the explorer is surprisingly comfortable game sitting or standing. Body weight naturally bringing the handle to the left hand. Superb balance.
The handle is flat, rather thin and very wide at the nut down with a junction at the 19th fret. Not as easy to grasp a handle SG but not far off anyway ...

For cons, the micro switch is not in a place that is natural to me, so I find his position not top (all in the lower end of the lower horn), ditto for the tone common to the two microphones, it requires correct tone every time you change position microphone.

The weight (and size) when the transports in its box may be penalized if it is carved from a twig and that we take public transportation. Lol.

I do not care, I never take public transportation.
8 / 10 because the switch was a bit especially and the lack of separate tone ...


Trite, a consignment of heavy explore .... If I may, an exploration makes holes in the walls !!!!! No less ...
Ok, ok, not only, and that's what's funny, beautiful also knows how to tune all pretty fresh and cool blues arpeggio clear in picking his 496R
Because yes, I find the 496R very very nice as microphone, ideal for soft play, big deal well with nice low round (explore full of bass!), Very cool, pretty singing, he amazes with his ability to play delicate.
Crunch not very good in support too, too, the tone was half way, that makes him downright good.
on the other hand, and you push a little distortion, I think it becomes hoarse too, becomes a bit cloudy, not very pleasant to my ears, clearly not his area.

Then comes the killer EMG (Inside Joke), to whom nothing resists really, I named the 500T!
This mic is a real killing sound Crunch to High Gain.
HUGE is the word that comes immediately MIND. The sound is there, seething, roaring, overflowing gain incredible momentum for those who love the sweep eustachian tube distortion of a sudden burning.
Full range of its rock hard to Led Zep in the most demonic metal open to you.
The guitar literally growls at the hands of picks. ... Enjoyable!
THE JCM 600 has never screamed that much since I arm the explosive ... it's really addictive.

For me, a guitar with two faces, one side, for the 496 sounds very bright warm light of the crunch, almost vintage blues, some Neil Young stuff ... well you get the idea ... anything.
On the other side a microphone that asks only distort the sound, all distortion spend with him, the black dog of Led Zep stuff Motorhead, the 500T Swallowing and delivers a sublime sonic orgy. The worst part is that it quickly becomes addicted to his (dirty) character!
8 / 10 because, ok, the neck pickup is not expected the killing, but this is not a dung, far from it! We just had my mind not to use wrong. For Graouh is her boyfriend near the bridge that we must go ... ..


It is a gift, so this guitar I really did not expect, nor does it wanted more than before .... having.
It was a wonderful surprise, and nothing to spoil, she managed to leave rather tame by my style and approximate summary.
I did not think I was really obsessed sought an LP in my budget, and then the evening of my birthday, my wife was out this big ass box weighing a death and it was in, immaculate, ready to be played , and the first chords has the hard rock on the small Fender 600 (it was very late and 60W of JCM, well it would not have done with the neighbors ... lol), I knew that the we would all get along both.
So give it a serious blow to all my old shovels al "except the Riviera, the same cousin SG takes kindly dust in its box.
Of course, the explosion and I are like newlyweds, we did not leave, I feel very dumb that I play better with it ....
So the question if it was to do again ....... well, I might be not wasted my time trying studio, which if they remain good guitars, do not emit little more than relieve the explore.
They call it the scent of the difference.